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Thanks Lanky I hope this helps the forum to understand me

Started by winwithmath, August 24, 2009, 08:56:55 AM

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Hi Lanky

Don't get me wrong my friend .Here how this stands for me. I severed in Vietnam and I put my live up for people that I never knew because I believe that all people should be free and all have the right of freedom of speech.

I know you are the Forum Administrator and you put forth rules that must be obeyed.And I agree that a forum must follow rules or all heck breaks out.

Now I will follow your rules as it's your forum and I will do that with all respect to you as the Forum Administrator.

But I must also follow the rule that I was willing to put my live up for freedom of speech and still post here because I'm following what the section say's  General Section and that's what I am doing speaking in general.

Your Quote
Because of these complaints I have removed Your Topics and the posts that were in them.

You have had ample warnings from different Mods.

Answer to your quote
Read yourself what you posted on that quote
That ample warnings from different Mods but I see the views that top all other views every day I get the most hits because I'm the only person here that has new stuff that never been seen before.

So here is your answer and question to your quote. Is this forum just for the Mods to read and not for the people that want to view and read great  Post's in the General Section and read of new Idea's.

What about all the other people that post in the General Section they do the same as I do posting  about General information.All my Idea's cover all events not just Roulette.

General means just what it say's general and that's what I'm doing is posting general.why should I be pointed out and in fact the views point that out because I get the most views every time I post there.

I know the Mods fear me and I would fear even myself if I thought I would be thought of the stone age idea's as some that post here.

I here people here the want the forum back the way it was testing, past spins progressions and more.that all has worked it self out. It' finish Mr. Lanky .

I bring new Idea's to the forum and if you can check out the views I get, so do other people that read this forum.

I thought this was a forum to learn new Idea's and test them not the old Idea's that been tested by millions and already know they don't work and never will .

Look at people that teach all kinds of progressions. any school kid can tell you that's sick thinking.

I put in the pot here I gave you all a $ 850,000.00 dollar system here that I could still sell yet I gave it free. I put in the kitty that much and more.

You now have on this forum the ONLY working  system in the World that can work and I gave it free.

At no time I asked any money from anyone here. I pent all my time posting all for free and I always posted the facts behind them.

I always say post what you will but post the truth and base on fact's that you think can back them up. Do you see the words  ( WHAT You Think ).

That's what this forum I thought was about what you think.

I teach here New Idea's that has to work before you even put them in motion. The reason for this I only follow the Laws of Math

What are the Laws Of Math
# 1
The Laws Of math is if the Odds are against you can NERVER win long term .The house has the Laws of Math on their side as we all know.

All what I teach are the Laws of Math that over the test of time never has been beaten and never will we all know that as fact down. Why because all what is know today has never been proven to beat any thing or any event never will.

The some of the Mods are afraid yes I knew that because they fear the old ways are dead but I have News for them it's been dead many many years.and the forum will fall apart because, what the sense in the old way of thinking if it MUST fails because everything must abide my the Math Laws.That is I as I said the house will always win because the odds are on their side.

The good news to all the mods the Forum will not fall apart but it will become the greatest forum in the World because of the new Idea's that get posted here. Say with the old and Die like all the other forums have and the views stopped coming. Or go with the New Idea's that really work that would always have Views.

Maybe at the end the forum will slow down that will be a shore bet. The reason for that with all the new Idea's that came in they are spending their money on the things they always wanted to have. I thought that this forum was to get Idea's that really work to make money for our family's and kid's.

Well I had my say and I want you to all know that I show no disrespect in posting this in general .

I really hope to never be banned here the people .
They seems like my children here and all here are just great by all means. I turn 60 yesterday and I'm still here alive that's a good think And I hope I will be here after the Mods read this post also. That will be a good thing also for the viewers.

I will post this in my section also.If they say I can post in here once in awhile as long as it's general I will or you can find me on the front page in click on to winwithmath on the pad and pencil .

To all have a great day to you and your family

Your friend forever


James Albert Wendel