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“Faking” minimum and maximum bets + spread

Started by admin, May 29, 2008, 02:52:57 AM

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For outside bettors.

"Faking" min and max bets is easy by taking advantage of the proportionality of the game across the locations.

I will use dublinbet as an example of a table not too well appreciated by the folks playing outside bets for the min/max limits and the very limited spread associated with them.

Let's start observing a dozen bet's minimum is $5:

By betting double-street 1/6 and double-street 7/12 with a 0.50 chip each, we have a $1 bet covering the exact same set of numbers, from 1 to 12:

It is accepted as per the game rules double-streets are inside bets, and are treated as such, allowing tiny-unit bets.

As you can see, the "no more bets" call does not wipe the bets as it would occur shall we bet $1 at the dozen location (bets not accepted):

And we win in a standard 2-1 proportion as expect at the dozens; we played $1, received $3:

For working with even chances, we can use the 1-18 / 19-36 locations like this:

$0.50 at double-streets 1/6, 7/12, 13/18 for a total bet of $1.50, which is paid to us 1-1 at $3 won:

In this case, for betting the 1-18 location, we had a $10 minimum imposed.

For the maximum, we have $100 per dozen:

But by the use of an even distribution in the locations comprising the dozen, we fill double-streets, streets, splits and straight-up numbers to rise that maximum to $580:

Winning the distributed bets gets the same proportional payout, 1-2. So, for $580 we get $1740. Exactly as expected shall the location had this much as standard limit:

At this table with minimum $5 to maximum $100 on the dozen bet location, we have a spread of only 1 to 20.

Good news is with this workaround we have the ability to bet from $1 to $580 per dozen; the spread grows to 1-580 too, which is proportionally huge in comparison to the initial 1-20, and room enough to grind properly.

Best regards,


P.S. for the 1-18/19-36 even chances, one can also raise that limit by using proportionally the locations comprising this range which can be played respecting payout proportions: double-streets, streets, splits and straight-up numbers.


Very good information, Victor!

I may try this at Riverbelle to drop their table minimums.




Fantastic victor!

I never thought about that!  :) great info for those on a smaller budget!!


Just came across this topic while doing some late night browsing and was amazed at the simplicity of it and how well it would work.

In fact, it may allow me to push one of my double's system at least two more bets!

Thanks for the idea and I'll eventually report back if it did make a difference.



Man, I would love to know a system where you'd have the confidence to bet $580 on a dozen in all sureness!


Good one Victor - I like the idea on the even chances even if it's only High/Low. I thought about that recently and got as far as "oh well you could bet 50c/number on the straight up numbers but you would only save $1" eg 18red x 50c = $9 as opposed to $10 on red.
Should of been more obvious :)


Cash Growth

This is good quality research, I can't wait to try 2 dozens progression!


I've been doing this for years on Dublin, it gets around the $10 min on an H/L.


Now with Dublinbet having $0.10 tables you don't need to be faking minimum bets so much  :)