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Now You Can Get Your Own Stats
September 06, 2009, 02:59:00 PM
Topics like "Poits 12 Million RNG Stats" are normally only posted by those with the "know-how" to do such things.  But, considering that type of information is probably the most valuable kind of information, I decided to make a .DGT file for RXtreme that would make it so everybody can get these statistics anytime they wanted.

I see a lot of posts that say "How many times does X not hit for?" or something along those lines.  So, I decided to make an RXtreme file that keeps track of all of these interesting things.

Now, keep in mind, RXtreme already keeps track of these types of things already anyway, but it is easier for me to just post this file (as most already know how to use .DGT files) than it is to explain where to find all of those stats RXtreme keeps anyway, and then how to read them.

Right now, this file keeps track of the following:

Max Red/Black/Even/Odd/High/Low Skip Intervals (how many times in a row one doesn't hit)

Max Dozen 1/Dozen 2/Dozen 3 Skip Intervals

Max Column 1/Column 2/Column 3 Skip Intervals

I'll be adding more things it keeps track of on a regular basis and each time I do I'll update this thread.  I think what I'll add next is max number of times the columns/dozens consecutively repeat themselves (I.E. - Dozen 1, Dozen 1, Dozen 1, Dozen 1, etc.)

If there are more requests for a certain thing people would like to see tracked over others, I'll be sure to add those first.  (Just be sure to post what you'd like to see tracked here).

There is a picture below that shows how to read the information given to you by RXtreme.  You simply open up the "Data Records" screen to get to the information pictured below (Click on Statistics at the top of RXtreme and then Data Records which is second from the bottom)

Any row that has the word "temp" at the end of it is useless information.  That is just used by RXtreme to keep track of things.  The data that you'll want to see is in this format "Max X Skips"  <---Notice there is no "temp" in that name.


You can download the .DGT file here:;id=427



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Re: Now You Can Get Your Own Stats
September 06, 2009, 10:56:37 PM
I have updated the file and what it tracks at the request of Sniper.  It now tracks everything it did before as well as the following:

Hello rjeaton1,

Thanks for your rx software on statistic. Is it possible for you to write a software in rx to track and record the next number following each individual winning numbers.

Example (sequence of numbers appearing): 32,0,4 25,8,14,3,3,26,35,1,9,19,27,33,8,12,14,7,35,25,0,16,35,11

Tracking Displayed

 0:      4,16 (the 2nd no was 0 followed by 4, spin 22 was 0 and followed by 16)
 1:      9
 3:      3,26
 4:      25
 7:     35
 8:     14,12
 9:     19
12:    14
14:    7
16:    35
25:     8,0
26:     35
27:     33
32:     0
33:     8
35:    1,25,11

Thank you very much
Best wishes and regards




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Re: Now You Can Get Your Own Stats
October 30, 2009, 11:37:25 PM
How about instead of useing red or black or odd or even you use 1/2 the wheel, 18 #'s in front of or behind  0.     IS THERE ANY STATS on how many times 1/2 the wheel can sleep? I bet it is a lot less then red or black or odd or even.    .    .    You can also wait for 3 hits in a row on 1/2 the wheel and bet the other half.     Wait 3 times then bet a 5 step progresstion ,that would make it 8.    .    .     you follow me         .   .