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millionaire bollocks!

Started by cabbage, October 08, 2009, 06:22:22 PM

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where did you go Alrian... i was looking forward to being made a millionaire by the master  :sarcastic:  :whistle: kukoo kukoo  :bad:


When he was around, I remember him once complaining about people making such promises and not sticking to them. ::)


u could always become a millionaire by counting cards in BJ lol maybe Spike can teach us


He'll say somebody talked him out of it, thats what they always say..



Since the "Amazing Randi" is one of your heros, may we call you "The Amazing Spiki"?  After all, you've debunked everything except the Big Bang theory.  Or did I miss that?

LOL.........It's humor, Bro.  Yuk it up!