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Is it the Holy Grail .Yes it is winwithmath
October 17, 2009, 02:57:03 PM
Hi hideseek and to all

I always knew it was the Holy Grail from day one.But I dislike the word Holy on a Gambling forum. Anyhow I've told you people over and over that I was the man to speak to about beating table Games and All other events.

The reason I say NO other system works is because I know from my work.Let's but it this way. Since I'm the only person in the world that found the only Holy Grail that would mean all I've said is true that I really can beat All events.

People believe this there are NO system in the world that works . I invented this system only on Pure Math that it would work.ALL things are base on math let no fool tell you other wise.

The reason I gave all this system was that it was a waste of my time wining only a few thousands dollars a day.My other Math Project.will win more then a million a day if I  handle it right. All I need is to hit all the states numbers at the same time. My new programmer is working on that as I speak. The program that I have now does one state at a time.

I hope I gave ALL here hope that all things can be achieved. That was also was my reason for coming here.

When the M.I.T people said that 21 cards can be beaten and not the table games like Roulette got me mad. All things can be beaten by math.Math can even pick an event to a pin point. Albert Einstein said this couldn't happen yet I've done it, and only using math.

To All have a great day to you and your family's

Your Friend


James Albert Wendel



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Re: Is it the Holy Grail .Yes it is winwithmath
October 18, 2009, 05:45:48 AM

Half the truth is still the truth but not the WHOLE TRUTH. a good lie is 80% of the truth.

If you think that you'v got the Holy Grail. Why do you need other guys to help you? Why do you need dimensions to play with? Why can't you give the people better info on how to start and to stop playing?

Without using any smart words - The last number is going to do two things is either going to change from the dimension to the last or repeat. This sequences is not the HOLY GRAIL is common knowledge.

Any kind of chopping between two dimensions can be observed and will not continue for ever. So to stop on +4 or -8 is no better than not to play or to play any method.

So I'v got the Holy Grail - PeWe.
You want it. Its second hand but still good. Play half of the wheel till 1 more win than lost. STOP and play after a couple of spins. If loses go to -4 STOP and play later. Its just 1 dimension to think about. Maybe its not to much for you to handle. You start to play that the side will repeat if it repeated the prior spin. Change if it changed.

Or just play one side - the law of maths state that every thing will change and go back to balance. If there is 7 hits to 1 side of the wheel then the others side will follow. That's THE LAW OF MATHS!




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hello and congrats on the holy grail system, would you be interested in my$ 500usa challenge and e-mail it to me?cheers .  roachman.