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What would you do?

Started by lucky_strike, June 23, 2008, 11:20:43 AM

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Lets assume you find a way that prevents you from hit 6 loses in a row for 1 milion spins.

What would you do?

Cheers Lucky Strike


The best bet:  Betting a single number, I won't have six loses in a row.  I'D GET FILTHY RICH

The worst bet:  Betting an even-money proposition, I won't have six loses in a row.  I'D STILL GET FILTHY RICH  WOO HOO

Do you have such an animal in captivity?



it is possible however the table limits.....

put 35 units on every single number chance of losing single wheel 2/37
6 times means 2/37^6= 7,79506E-10


...course you need Bill Gates money


I'd play a Grand or Super-Grand Martingale.

And once I built up my BR, I'd move to the high-rollers salon where they serve snacks as well as drinks and carry out my purple, orange and chocolate chips in a wheelbarrow.


Excuse me for the "off-topictery" but i had to say:

TALESMAAAAAAN is in the "house" ... Another great " addition " to the forum.