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I would like to hear you opinion regarding vis a vis betting (180 degree)

Started by lucky_strike, December 05, 2009, 06:48:52 AM

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I would like to hear you opinion regarding vis a vis betting (180 degree) Pierre Basieux style.

Regarding high probability areas, peaks and you place all does chips down it becomes an large amount of chips if we would cover 2x5.

Then if we would apply high and low scatter we would reduce the amount of chips to 2x3 and still cover the same high probability areas.

But then the peaks get empty pockets between does we cover and how does that affect our hit ratio, high probability area, peaks.

If i grasp it correct vis a vis only apply to certain rotor speeds and if there is an average of revs, lets say around 14 then lower then 13 and higher then 15 gets us out of our high probability area, peaks.




Then there is one other thought regarding high probability area, peaks.
As I have observe three peaks that occurs in one half of the wheel.
Is there more advance options for cross-overs then 180 degree, just curios how Basieux speaks about this things.

Did fool around with Herbs HDS with an two pin game where I use the most dominant one.
At home with my Huxley with an Ivorine ball and notice that the ball end up at three locations from the first prediction.

First, middel and 180 degree.

Was it fluctuation or is there conditions that can create this kind of behavior when you use certan rotor speed, release and distance and you have lets say 17 18 19 revs.

It hit it at this areas or next to it.



vis-à-vis triangular - can distance have an trimodal effect like scatter?



Vis a vis has usually 2 main reasons and mostly on tilted wheels.

1. When the ball takes 1 more revoloution than what you anticipated, which means that the ball still drops at the anticipated diamond but the wheell has turned 1/2 a revoloution and the ball lands 180 degrees from where you predicted.

2. Scatter. You will pretty often find 2 or more peaks where the secondary peak is roughly 18 pockets from the main peak.

Triangular bets like  0 - 13 - 14  is a deviation phenomena from the normal vis a vis but in this case the wheel is slightly slower so the wheel wont quite have reached 18 pockets or  1/2 a revoloution but only maybe 12 pockets when the ball takes the extra revoloution. So in this case you will have a not quite lineaer vis a vis but a secondary peak at 12 or 24 pockets from the main area.

If your tracking shows a 180 degree vis a vis, you might consider using the splits 1/2 or 11/12 or 16/19 or other combinations or simply to call bets x-1-1  and if you have triangular peaks and a prediction in the 0 - 13 - 14 area you might consider  the bet
split 0 - 1
split 3 - 6
split 17 - 20
3 street 13 - 14 - 15 (slightly higher betting value than the splits to hedge for lower payout)
6 street 31 to 36 (slightly higher betting value than the 3 street and splits to hedge for lower pay out)

You have then covered 3 x 5 numbers in a triangle.


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I do like what Kelly explained. His right on that and I think it will work good with VB. For the first question on the vis a vis for Pierre, I would like to share my though on that.

The vis a vis between the quads do not take a lot of chips. Can play the groups with splits. Crossover quads do have numbers that are splits on the table. Numbers 6/9 14/17/18 street (19/20/21) 22/25 31/34.

If you increase the play to 12 numbers by playing the quad of the last and the two crossover quads. If the trend change not to go to the Vis a vis then leave these numbers out and play the other 25 numbers. This can be splits.

With playing the 12 numbers you can use a standard progression for 12 numbers. 1/1/2/3/4. On a random wheel can play this group till a hit, this is when there are no repeat of quad or crossover of a quad in the last 3 spins. If there is a repeat play to the last number with vis a vis.

9         Lost Moved 3 quads ccw ball movement.
34       Win crossover quad, moved 5 Quads ball cw.
9         Win crossover quad , moved 5 quads - ccw.
12       Lost  2 quads CW.
21       Lost   8 Quads ccw
25       win 0 quads moved
12       lost  2 quads moved ccw
36       Win 4 quads cw, to crossover quads.
28      Win Yes you guess it 5 quads moved crossover quad.

Quads moved / 3+5+5+2+8+0+2+4+5= 34 ^ 9 spins = 3.7 quads

next number # 1 This is 2 quads in CCW. now 34 + 2 =36 ^ 10 = 3.6 (4 quads)
next number # 19  4 quads from 1 in Cw movement of the ball. 36 +4 =44 ^ 11 = 4.4 (4 quads)
next # 14 only 3 quads but a crossover quad.
try the rest


Thanks mate


Twocando Pierre Basieux Nine Roulette Dealer Signature really put the via a via in perspectiv, cool.

Take care.


im trying to use  nine quads  from Pierre i like it just  one think quiet  pissing me when  they  quads  go  like  this  4 2 6 4 when you decide that there will be crossover orr triangel ?? is there some static rules??orr?? sorry   fro this question i see under couple revolutions and most  off after triangel will  came crossover- so basicly if is hit dominant daimond with one more revolution then we try to predict then therefore will  happen triangel ???well im just little confused the quads work perfect for  crossover and one section repeats i realy start like it.



The rule - wait for the 3 or 4 spins to get the window. You will see what to play. Then you need to play the choice of the quads for two spins. If you play the quad with all its numbers and the crossover of this quad with all the numbers. There will be 12 numbers that you play. The chips will be spin (5) 12 chips { 35 - 11 = 24} the next spin (6) 12 chips {35 - 23 = 12} still if now win can play for a third spin to be even on a win no progression. After this can play a progression to recover the lost.

To use this quads you will see the distances between the numbers in groups of 4 numbers, easy to count.

Thanks to Lucky for this information. Check the next time if the numbers go 4 / 2 / 6 / 4 the trend is to go 1 quad to either side? that will be 8 numbers to play.