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Rise like a PHOENIX from ashes
January 01, 2010, 05:17:58 PM
My new years resolution...and found this Global Pie Strategy in Kimo li "the roulette formula"..The Phoenix system..one of 5.. is the one i am drawn to..best advice is to focus on one particular aspect.. and build from there..one thing that is becoming apparent to me is the theory of merging.. Kimo Li demonstrates this application from the invention of the wheel all the way thru to the end chapter(exact number doctrine)..The Phoenix system looks like a red/black strategy"bet red when running red:black when running black...Although i favor it for the Global pie layout for sector plays..but will start with red /black game for a feel.for arrowhead and boomerang experience..the star group for this is 14,25,36(pinwheel?),anybody try this method with a session for practice?.. in the mean time,i'll keep looking for that spark to kick start this method as i feel it has a solid approach..Thanks..