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Hi Guys.

Mr J asked a Genuine Question some time ago.(I have verified this by phone with Him today)

I will put the Post below and if one of You guys could kindly answer Him with the correct explanation then it would be appreciated.

Thank You .


From Mr J.
"I suppose 4000-5000 spins would confirm if 19 is the only good number or not" >>> 


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I am not sure but I hope this helps.

Read the " Monte Carlo Simulation " that should put some light on how to find an std around 3.0 for one number.

If I am correct at least once in 10.000.

It does not tell you if its good or not, but i assume anything below 3.0 is not, regarding bias.



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Hi Mr. J,

Those were my words, which I understand you quoted and posted an emoticon, and which I removed.

By "4000-5000 spins" I was referring to the WHOLE sample ever since Bruce started tracking, not an additional 4000-5000.

He currently has 2879 spins recorded from that wheel and is already playing it (while constantly updating the wheel profile). I meant that once he reaches 4000-5000 spins, he should have a clear idea on whether number 19 is the only biased number or if it has company, so to speak.

I'd be glad to try and answer any questions or critique from you. Make sure you write em though, merely posting emoticons could get a bit misleading, as it did. If there was indeed a misunderstanding with regards to that, then I apologize. I have mistaken it for sarcasm aimed at what I said and bias play in general (which has the potential to start an argument in Bruce's thread). I had that impression when I looked at your post, mostly since you don't particularly like AP (cough).

Feel free to speak your mind. :)



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MR J here is the answer you are looking for.

Read the message and the replys of " Where is the bias " and it will become clear as water what is good or not.

Take care LS