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Newbie VB in search for a good method...

Started by personalvoid, January 13, 2010, 07:00:52 PM

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Oh no, the team play i have been involved with had no devices involved at all. Not even a thumper.  Pure VB.


ok, so no risk of being caught, and even if they suspect, they need to take the loss and shut up.


In my experience banning does not occur easily unless you do something stupid that makes you plainly transparent. The only players of mine who have ever been banned are online players (several).

In some casinos they are well aware of AP where in others they dont even believe roulette can be beaten. Individual staff members can be very different too.

Consider joseph jagger who won heaps with bias. Did they ban him? No, they just changed the rotor. He started to lose then had to quit, but still with a big profit. My point is rather than banning you, the casino will try to figure out what you are doing, then make changes to fix the issue. Banning is something they will do as an absolute last resort. It can easily occur for blackjack assuming the casino doesn't have proper shuffle machines, but for roulette and VB / computer players they only need to waive off bets sooner, or dramatically vary rotor speed.. at least when there are suspect trouble players. Then the AP players either lose or play elsewhere. It is not as profitable for casinos if they call no more bets before ball release, because those last second chips make them a lot of money from 99.9% of players, which are more important than the 0.01% or whatever that actually win.

It is not hard for a casino to ensure people lose, IF they pay attention. But thing is there are countless wheels and casinos. You are going to find suitable conditions. For some methods, finding suitable conditions is easy. But for others you can waste a lot of time and money looking around.



Just a device that gives a vibration or thump at regular time intervals, so you can use it like a covert stopwatch. It makes beating roulette easier.


Where can I get hold of a "thumper"

What is the dimensions of such a "thumper"

Obviously it would have to make use of a cellinoid and a pretty large battery right?


Size is about the same as a stack of 3 casino/poker chips but they can vary in size. Search online for a Yamaha metronome watch. Or any type of metronome that is small and vibrates.


Jakkalsdraai, I've attached the thumper to my post. Many ways to use it. Enjoy.


Thanks I have downloaded it. Will play around with it.


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