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Old timers post at foresters board.

Started by Kelly, March 20, 2010, 07:30:23 AM

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Only that you are doing one mistake that I can understand that can cost you loses sometimes.
And this mistake is happening because you are aiming at the drop point that it is stronger.
The tilted diamond as you all call it in here, is the mistake that can make you lose sometimes.
I will try to explain you why.

The jump of the ball is a factor that is vital in wining.
By choosing to aim at the diamond that the ball will fall the most of the times as a rule, is not a completely wise move to do. And this is the reason why you must not have problem to play in a wheel that had no dominant drop point. The odds that casinos provide in hitting a number are very ok.if betting 5 numbers per spin you need only 1 victory in 7 attempts.

Please allow me to give you all an example.

Let's say that we are playing in a roulette that has these hits at the diamonds in 10 spins
3 at top d
2 at low d
4 at right d
1 at left d

With you way of visual ballistics you would play with the diamond at the right.
And who told you that the jump of the ball at the right d is playable?
What I am trying to say is that the quantity of the times that will hit 1 d is not the right key to play.
The key is the jump that the ball will make in these diamonds.
If we will see that the jump of the ball has a better pattern at the top d ,then we must aim at this one.
The jump of the ball is being produced by the spot that the ball will hit the diamond.Top part will make a wider and less manageable jump.A center hit will make a good pattern. A lower part hit will make the ball most of the times to stop almost at the pocket that was under the d.This was not a rule of thumb. Different ball and different kind of pockets (high, low, wide,not wide)will make deferent pattern, but there is always a pattern.
The victories should not be pleanty,but they should be stable to overcome the casinos edge in long term.
Also as you all know in some spins we win by luck ,so this is making things even better.
That is why I never cared to play in a wheel that has a strong fall off point.
Of course I would never choose the weakest one.

He does have a point although it always depends on the specifics in the situation.  We always measure the count from each diamond but mostly to see if there are some sort of correlation between 2 diamonds located close to each other. Often you will see that the ball has more momentum (longer bounce) when hitting the first diamond and will look  more tired (shorter bounce) when it hits the second diamond.  So that when you compare te 2 spin types, you might actually be able to only be betting in 1 zone, no matter which diamond is hit. What Basieux in his books calls the "rauten effekt" or translated "diamond effect".

Source: Pierre Basieux, Die Zâhmung des Zufalls  First edition 1987

What oldtimer is talking about is a little different though because he will be betting the diamond with the most frequent bounce, which is in a way understandable if you have a diamond where you are able to make an almost sure hit if the ball actually strikes this diamond. 
But in the end, you must make a calculation wether the most frequent hit diamond is able to overpower a less frequnt hit diamond but with a more narrow/frequent bounce. Statistics will show.