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Noble Savage

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Sam check your PM. :)



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I cannot beat random..............

I do use a plateaued progression, a very mild one.  It resets when a unit of profit is made and moves on.

So far it has been very successful over the past six months.  I am now playing it for real money.  Will I win?  Lord, who knows?

I just know that of all the selection methods available to me, nothing beats random.

I do use money management.  I do not use emotion.  I set it and forget it.  It can win or lose just fine without me.

I once said on this forum I had a 90% chance of doubling a bankroll.  I've done that a dozen times since I said that.

If someone wants to challenge me, I'm up for it.  Naturally, I'll probably lose!!

A pancake is only pretty on one side but a waffle is beautiful on both.


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10 reds I will bet 1 euro  on Black .. no progression
15 reds I will bet 5 euro
20 reds I will bet 10 euro
25 reds I will bet 50 euro

There's no Certainty just Probability..



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Hello Sam,

Thanks for your post and nice to hear from you again.