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Started by I have cookies, August 19, 2010, 03:58:11 PM

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I have cookies

We all know bi-modal ´via a via 180 degree.
I woundering if Basieux have write about triangual or if there is any good post about it.
If i remember it correct Jafco or UWE posts at myrulet mention in between Kelly and Bago.
I know a semi pro wish master the skill but hes way of doing things is not what i am looking for.



In "Die Zâhmung der Schwankungen" on page 88 - 89 PB describes the effekt. What be basicly writes is that it is a side effect to bi modal/vis a vis effekt but can also be caused by the scatter. 

The main reason is the rotor speed, that causes the wheel to turn a little bit longer or shorter, when the ball travels an unexpected extra round that normally would cause the ball to drop 180 degrees away from prediction.  These speeds ads around 6 pockets on each side of the 180 degree spot, which will give you:

1. 2 points with around 12 pockets between (and the 180 degree spot in the middle) and your main prediction. (3 points triangular)

2. 1 point around 6 - 8 pockets after 180 degree + main prediction (imperfect vis a vis)

3. 1 point around 6 - 8 pockets before 180 degree + main prediction  (imperfect vis a vis)

You might also get 4 points or more, but generally a VB player shouldn`t try to play strategies that gives more than 4 since your tracking might not be able to handle that.  A 4 point distribution with 90 degrees spread all the way round the wheel kind of makes you feel good, because you bet double vis a vis and your bets are never more than 4 - 5 pockets away from the hit. (well, they simply can`t be)

I lately played a  Abbiati  wheel with a triangular distribution  and it is amazing what a betting strategy that covers a triangle does to your hit rate. if the distribution is like that.    A side effect is that for the staff it doesn`t look like you are a sector bettor.

I have cookies

Thanks again Kelly as I always go back to basics before I move a step forward to advance with my playing model.
I also assume there is a positive side effect using a tranquil betting strategy wish you did not mention.

I have cookies