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wheel clocking
November 07, 2010, 07:48:10 PM

I have been reading about a roulette technique called wheel clocking.  Has anyone heard about it?
It is for players with really good memory. 

Has anyone ever tried this?


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Re: wheel clocking
February 12, 2011, 10:23:12 AM

I hope you value this.

Steve has a nice forum here for roulette systems and you talk about a different topic and are at the wrong place if you want to learn and study physics - my opinion.
Yes I know a great deal about wheel clocking - depending on what kind we speak of as it depends on what method one use to get more specific.

My suggestion is that you visit myrulet forum and start to read about roulette computers - also posts like VB2 and Jefco to start to get some insight - should also mention that taking split and lap times is not nessery - but I assume if you could learn just watch the wheel for a short moment and just feel 1.0 sec turnaround - it would be of interests if that particular wheels ball track and ball combination key the turnaround at 0.92 or 1.10 or 1.20 as there exist a small variation depending on wheel. ( But if a different wheel type you might adjust to 1.5 but then i assume you reach a level of starting traveling and might want to take 20 split and lap times to ID a wheel of a different brand ) ...

To be realistic I would use and learn a easy acoustic sound just to prevent you from starring into the wheel and glance at the wheel just a momentum before the key turnaround calibrate at 1.0 and make a VB read and so on - its more practical then believe that you will reach a level like Laurance or any other legend hehehe :)
I also believe that you should study old cross-overs like UWE and Laurance and build some understanding - before you use ball movement to key the turnaround.

I assume this might sound like wodoo for you - but if you spend time with the right pepole at the right place - things will find its natural place and understanding about the nature of the game will slowly grow into your mind.
One thing that is your first lesson is to learn the wheel layout on the number ring and it exist different ways doing so - if you need help with that I can make a post about it.

Take care.
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