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Dear Colleges, Please Help with coding simple bet.

Started by Adrenalyne, December 27, 2010, 08:38:29 PM

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Hello Dear friends.
I am working with coding already two weeks, and still can't find solution, to code I think simple bet. 
I want to code at least one of two versions.   :'(

First is: track last 19 different numbers, and then bet another remaining 18 unhit numbers with flat bet "1 unit"
and do this all the time.  If will hit one of these 18 unhit numbers, then remove hited number, and take first hitted number from first 19 hitted numbers.  So it would be, like I track all the time 18 unhit numbers, and make flat bet with one unit. . .

Second is: simply track last diferent 18 numbers, that hit, and bet them with flat bet "1 unit"
if one of these numbers hits, just continue, if not, then remove first hitted number from these 18, and add new number, that just hit. 

I think to code this, it is not so difficult, but my knolegde in coding are too bad. . .

If someone can help me please!  :'(

Thank you and Happy New Year.   :give_heart:


Hello Adrenalyne.

Still around and willing? :)

If so, what programming language were you intending to use?

If you plan to do it graphically, you can use the ListBox control's FindStringExact() function to check if the number is already present:


Logic being very simple:

if <number not present> then
    <add list element>
    if <Listbox.count > 18 then
        <remove last element>

If you tried and really couldn't figure it out, No biggie; we all must have a starting point!

I would be pleased to give you sample source code for you to learn.

It's always my pleasure to help in what I can.