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Tilted wheel?

Started by alomatom, January 24, 2011, 11:31:35 AM

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Hi everyone,

I have a question about vb, maybe someone can give me some help or advice?
The wheel i play has a dominant diamond, but it depends on the dealer who is spinning.  Is this a tilted wheel or just some kind of dealer signature? So about 4 in 10 spins i know where the ball fall in the rotor.  Is it possible to make a vb strategy out of this or am i wasting my time? The other problem is i have to make my bets pretty quickly after the dealer releases the ball. No time to calculate the wheel speed.  Maybe i can use some dealer signature system so i can make my bets quicker than a vb strategy?  Would appreciate some advice from other players.

thanks in advance,



4/10 is not that high. You'd need a hell of a bankroll and be pretty good at Ballistics just to handle the fluctuations. Considering you are asking if this wheel is tilted tells me you are pretty new to Visual Prediction. I'd suggest you move on and try find a better wheel with a more dominant diamond. Playing a 4/10 wheel without experience is just asking for trouble. That's just one opinion though.

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Information about tilt and how to take andvantage of 2 or even 3 pin game is rare ( not common knowledge ) as many are stuck in the past with 1 pin game ( which not exist in my local casino ) and if it did it would been Christmas.
I can point my finger to Jefco post at myrulet forum - where you can read some short posts about it in the middle of that thread - if you read between the lines you will learn.

When you advance with your own scatter test and make your own pattern how to adjust the calibration with different rotor speeds and so on - as nothing is static - you will notice that at least two deflectors allow you to play one arc and still take andvantage of both if they hit more frequent if you find a semi tilted wheel.

Its not easy stuff - i have been talking to the best regarding 2 and 3 pin game - you would kidding your self if you believe you will find a complete public playing model to follow - study and do your home work.

Good Luck


Dealing with 2/3 'pin' wheels is not at all difficult. Sure it's not as easy as having 1 dominant diamond. The weaker a DD is, the harder it is to target, but there are alternatives to this with varying degrees of practicality. With basic vb on some wheels, forget it. My computer has various ways to deal with such wheels. Nobody ever uses level wheel algorithms - I've never found a wheel they're suitable for. There are so many imperfections on every wheel. The wheel in my last public demo had 3 dominant diamonds: 2 vertical and 1 horizontal. The two verticals were opposite. The result was over 90% accuracy covering 15 numbers, predictions about 13 seconds before the ball falls, velstone mk7 huxley, bouncy ivorine. I tested 'some other' computer on the same spins, with very poor results. Mutual players know all about it. Who knows.. must have been good luck for me, bad luck for the other computer. There can be no other explanation, because you know.. mobile phones are crappy and I'm a newby.

ps: Surface changes on the ball track have a much greater affect than air pressure, and they can occur very quickly. With teflon balls, the teflon rubs onto the ball track and will screw predictions, if you make the mistake of assuming things will be constant. As for ball track changes, without proper dynamic adjustments, such changes flatten accuracy. Air pressure is more a day by day thing. Modern wheels are not like BGs wheel.

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Steve why don't you show " alomatom " some nice scatter overlaps - is so rare that you contribute  :)


My contributions are more to actual players and partners of mine. Problems with contributing everything I know are:

1. I dont want to fully reveal what I know - I have a vested interest to keep many things secret

2. Even if I wanted to reveal many things, it would piss my players off and not be good for them. not just purchasing players, but also partners. So revealing information hurts players and myself.

3. I seriously dont have the time to explain it all on a forum. And even if I did, most people wouldnt take notice and the people that did would use it against myself and players. Whether they be casino staff or whoever.

But on the issue of overlaps, I'll say the principle plays a role beyond mere scatter. Most people only look at things from a perspective of a single spin, without really paying attention to the long term. I say on my site I use the principles of self reference and permutations. If done correctly, you'll find a great deal of patterns you never thought would exist.


my experience with roulette is you can win on some wheels that need defects.    I dont believe you can beat a proper level wheel even with any computer.