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Double Dozens Winner

Started by buffalowizard, February 07, 2011, 08:36:33 AM

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For those that want a bit of action, such as betting every spin on 2 dozens, then just take a look at this.

Firstly, we bet against the last four results. Dozens are 1,2,3

Here are actuals:

1113 <So, our betting stream would be 2/3, 2/3, 2/3, 1/2

The next spun number was 3, so that's a win.

Now the sequence looks like this: 1133, so the new betting stream is 2/3, 2/3, 1/2, 1/2

Hope that is clear, as the basic betting strategy. It's pretty unoriginal but plain and simple.

The problem is, you can and will run into 4,5 losses in a row, which we all know with 2 dozens, can be a deep hole you struggle to get out of.

Look at this sequence in terms of win/loss:


A lovely run of 12 wins on the trot, but followed by a 4 loss, quickly by a 5 loss and then another 3 (the zero being chief culprit) Should be devastating right?

Actually, using my staking plan, this little run ends in +1

Here's a run I just noted down, these are the kinds of runs you can expect.


Note, the 18 wins in a row. This session ended in +22

There are 3 stages of progression 1/2  3/5  8/10 and 20/40

The trick is, you stop after a double loss, thereby cutting out massive losses on losing streaks 4 or more long.

The re-entry point, is another win at the next progression stage, so

WLL <stop at -5.  W <you have lost the first 2 steps of progression, so now bet 3 units  W  < -2  and now back to 1 unit as always after any win.

Look at this horror show:


Not too bad from such a frightener, and one that can easily be made back.

If you're betting for example at 5 in the progression, and you lose, then the next bet will be 8. Only on a win, is it returned to 1 unit. That is important.

Example:  LLWLW  You get the double loss on 1st progression step 1/2, wait for the win, then bet 2nd progression step 3 units, lose, so next would be 5 units, and a win.

Here is another tricky string with a few double losses for you to look at:



When a zero hits, I just take the dozen immediately before it, when tracking, so you can still bet every spin.

If you encounter the dreaded LLWLLWLLWLL then go home and cry into your beer



Just played another run:






good system
thanks for posting

big money

went to my casino yesterday betting $10 on the second and third dozen ..... and tripling up after a loss won $250  in no time at all on rapid roulette


Big money

You will win doing this

But im here to tell you dozen 1 will streak at some point and really fu*% up your day

Nathan Detroit

I never lose 4  or 5 times in a row. I  leave the sessions after 2 or 3 losses in a  row.   Then      wait  for   another session to begin.  Winning 2 out  of 3
sessions  my goal  and never chasing any losses.

big money

Oh yes i have backtested thisxmethod  and  know a run of 4 losses in a row  happens too frequently    .....i like nathans hit and run...he sounds like a smart guy....


any math guy will tell you 2 things. martingale is stupid. and a 24 number bet is stupid.

i tend to agree to an extent.

if the bet selection is STRONG, and it is money you can AFFORD TO LOSE, then have at it

can i suggest if you do have money to burn and want to marty dozens, play the wheel not the mat



speaking of double dozens.....washoo2 by ND is a good one ;)

i know from experience


big money

Umm just about to finish work and will back test the dozens on tje wheel and not the matt ...thanks for the heads up 😆

Big money

big money

Did a search forwashoo2 and nothing came up care to repost it ?
Thanks in advance


Nathan Detroit

A word of caution . Please DO NOT   play the WASHOO2   selection  method  with a single 0 wheel.  It will back fire.

Nathan Detroit aka WASHOO2.

Mr J

 Buffalowizard.....great poster, I miss the guy.


Mr J