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Betting on the double zero's

Started by witho, August 09, 2008, 10:51:19 PM

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Double zero wheel, bet on the 0/00 split with a progression. If the zero's are trending, you should get some profit.

Progression I calculated so far:

1 chip   x 17
2 chips  x  8
3 chips  x  6
4 chips  x  4
total       35

If the zero's havent hit for say 10 spins this will give you an extra 35 spins for 0 or 00 to hit.

I thought of this because the casino where I live have just put a 00 next to the 0 on the european wheel. The greedy bastards!! I thought of this to try and counter them.


That 00 is ridiculous. I suppose its not a european wheel anymore then. LOL. Damn right greedy bastards!!!!!  >:(


Hi Witho,

"Greedy Bastards" ~W

YES INDEED they are and sometimes that's just the reason to chase the 0/00. Whenever the 0/00 are appaering over the expected odds, it could be because of aiming dealers (or dealer signature); bias wheel or other uncorrected wheel anomaly that is causing a repeat occurance and thus justifies wagering on 0/00 (*often times with neighbors).

0/00 Pre-Requiste
Finding any of the above causes, this has proven effective for me in the past-
Survey Marquee for missing 0/00 for last 20 spins (easy to spot)

bet 1  to 16 wager 1 U on split 0/00
bet 17 to 24 wager 2 U "    "     "
bet 25 to 29 wager 3 U  '    "     "
bet 30 to 33 wager 4 U  '    "     "
bet 35 to 37 wager 5 U  "    '     "\
bet 38 to 39 wager 6 U  "    "     "
bet 40 to 42 wager 7 U  "    '      "

Total Spins = 42
Total Bakroll at Risk = 117 U 

I would earnestly recommend, after qualifying , not to risk anything but to check this procedure against persona; past performance spins or live roulette tester (no RNG). Although this game plan doesn't claim to overcome the long term table odds, it will catch the short skewing of 0/00 outcomes due to intentional manipulation or wheel defects.

Let me know how this check out for you at your casino, OK?

*Also should you additionally want a relatively low risk split schedule for covering 0/00 plus neighbors, let me know.

Bonne Chance,
EddessaKnight  :)


Don't complain.

Read some true history on roulette.

Originally, the wheel didn't have any zeros.  Operators complained they weren't making enough to make it worthwhile for them to operate the game.  Hence, the addition.  The Euro's added the 2 zeros and the Americans added one.

No one truly knows why but the Americans ended up with the 00 wheel and the Europeans ended up with the 0 wheel. 

Oh, and at one time there was a 000 wheel, albeit, very short lived.

Now if we have any math-heads here I have a question.

Assuming I got an old triple-0 wheel and changed that 000 to something cute like a Joker logo. If the ball landed on the Joker and the rules were all bets stayed in place and the "no more bets" call stayed in place and on the very next spin all outside (EC's) winners would be paid @ 1.5 the rate what would be the House Advantage on that game?  So, a winning $1 EC bet would be paid $1.50.