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August 03, 2011, 03:10:59 AM
One thing that I read that some use headcount - I find this topic very interesting,
How gloomy and sloppy can we be with out losing accuracy and make our observations calibrate using headcount.

When I read about Laurance volume 2 recent to update my self about RA - I notice he wrote about how to use a phrase with the mouth clucking when saying this phrase in silent to him self.
Its the second time I hear some one using clucking with the thung - witch is a good human distinct skill.

Personally I been more into using hard letters using a phrase to distinct the same function as a vibration from a thumper.
As K is a hard letter and KetchupKirtap becomes with steady rhythm two thumps/vibrations as comparison or one depening witch to use.
M would be to soft to fullfill that function.

Then its about to adapt to different conditions where not same time interval frame is valid.
Then I like the count using 123 123 123 where one pronounced with a harder tone and 23 smooth out to get a loop with rhythm and here some one could adjust using 1234 1234 or end with 5.

I wondering how many actually spend time with a stopwatch and make split-times to see how accurate they are and what kind of delay effect that can appear using headcount.
Chart there own methods.

I still find it hard - even if I succed with some acc - but thumper feels more safe for the moment.
Any new ideas to eloberate about regarding this.

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