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3D Baccarat Version 2 Test Results
August 24, 2011, 06:27:09 PM
I tested the "Guru's" 3D Baccarat Version 2.  I wrote him beforehand and he said:

Hi Benn,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes, I did test 3-D V. 2 against all 600 shoes in the Zumma "72 Days" book.  It averaged around 5 units net profit per shoe.  I did not test it against the 1000 shoe book.


Well I tested it against the Zumma tester books, using a 20 units buyin and playing until the end of the shoe, or until either I lost 20 units, or if the next possible bet could put me below -20 units.

I ended up at -1341 units.

I wrote him to tell him this unexpected news and he wrote back:

Hi Benn,

First, the 3-D V. 2 method cannot be simulated.  While bet selection is basically mechanical, there are other variables that simply cannot be programmed into a computer.  For one thing, you can't program common sense.  But the long term success of the method depends upon factors like learning to exit the shoe at the optimum time, knowing when to play the Basic Method or the Aggressive Mode as well as a host of other subjective things that cannot be programmed.


I wonder if the result would have been positive, do you think he would still say it can't be simulated.

I ended up writing him once more and telling him that I hope he honors his money back guarantee.