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Dominant diamonds

Started by romath, September 18, 2011, 12:34:46 AM

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I have observed a wheel where the ball hits 2 adjacent vertical diamonds (ie with a horizontal diamond in between the two) at an amazing rate of 90% of the time! How can I take advantage of dominants diamonds using VB? I have read about VB in this forum but I can't piece together from the information on how to use VB step by step.  Can anyone help.  Thanks. 


Finding a dominant diamond(s) is the easy part mate....Now you have to watch that particular wheel and practice....
First you see above what number the ball is spun(starting point)
Then the numbers that are under the same place the number is spun in the next 3 or 4 revolutions depending
on how much time you have to place a bet...Then you find corelation with these numbers and make a prediction arch
of 10 to 15 numbers(if you are a beginner)...Practice and you will realise that its not that dificult...To know what half
of the wheel will land is enough....


I found a beautiful tilted wheel in Crown casino a few years back but it was real late at night so thought go back in morning to play it but few hours I went back they had fixed it so casinos are very aware of tilted wheels


Find an automated wheel(AIR BALL) They almost never tamper the wheel,they just adjust the parameters(rotor and ball speed)....They work for me just fine depends on how much observation of the wheel have you done....