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Started by John Gold, October 29, 2011, 04:13:56 PM

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John Gold

I was scouting around to see if there were any new live online casinos.

guruplay use the same platform as smartlivecasino. They must be pretty new! Anyway, they are offering a match bonus up to £1000/1000 euro on your first deposit. This has to played through 40 times. So a £1000 deposit would require an £8000 playthrough before you could withdraw any winnings.

I have an account with Smartlive and just checked to make sure I would still be eligible for the bonus. There are no problems with that.

Minimum bets are 0.25p on the autowheel and £1.00 on the live wheel for inside bets. I am not sure for outside bets but is probably £10. I think the maximum is £500.

Something like this would be cool if you were trying Mr J's "My Method". You have a decent chance of clearing the waging requirements in a fairly quick time. Might as well let the casino cover half your bankroll should you be unlucky  :P


p.s. The minimum deposit to get the 100% match bonus is £20/20 euros.

John Gold