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How to make sure the VIG Casinos pay out fairly!

Started by TheFalcon, December 11, 2011, 06:05:27 AM

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Okay everyone!  Here how to make sure the VIG Casino pay out fairly!

Here is a list of VIG Casinos:

1.  Celtic Casino
2. Black Orchid Casino
3.  Fairway Casino
4.  Castle Casino
5.  24-vivo Casino
6.  Live Amsterdam Casino
7.  Big Kahuna Casino
8.  Espresso Games.
9.  Sportsbook.
10.  Wilhelmus Casino
11. Ace Live Casino

Hit the print screen button when you to capture a picture of when you place your bets.  Then what you can do is edit paste it onto a word document or onto a Photo software program.     That way you know for sure of what your bet was.  Then the pitboss nor the casino can't deny that you weren't paid properly.  If the casino doesn't payout, then email them the print screen shot (picture) of your bet, and then they should pay you as soon as possible.