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Roulette Revolution machines at Grosvenor Casinos UK

Started by momoneymoproblems, May 06, 2012, 06:22:08 AM

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Quote from: momoneymoproblems on May 06, 2012, 06:22:08 AM
Hi folks,

New to the forum. i'm playing the live roulette machines called roulette revolution at my local grosvenor casino using a basic martingale betting strategy. Has anyone had much experience with these machines. From what i've played they seem very good and dont feel rigged in any way.

The legit revolution from Grosvenor Casino ( I'm talking about a Birmingham's one) is a taxi casino!!!!  :lol: I'm hysterically laughing. Their taxi has a gaming table, a dealer (!!!) and a bar!!! Though I'm not sure how many of these taxis they own.


I have played the machine in Winstar and found a pattern in the game. I won over $40k and took several people with me on multiple visits to prove that I could win over and over. The casino actually changed how the game played because of me.

At first the wheel spun at a constant speed, both before and after the ball was released. Also, the ball was released from the same area of the table every time. This allowed me to calculate where the wheel would be when the ball was released, thanks to their count down clock. The only thing to do next was control when the ball was thrown. This allowed me to bet on a range of 9 numbers where the ball should land.

Anyone who goes now will see that the speed of the wheel varies and the ball is now released all around the table randomly. Once all bets are made and the ball is released, the wheel behaves in one of three ways: it maintains it's speed, it slows down, or it speeds up. Unless you are looking for it most people will never notice.

Between the changing speed of the wheel and the randomness of where the ball is released there is no longer any pattern to be exploited.

I ended up with $21k in IRS forms as my max for one day. I was hand-paid over 30 times over the course of a few trips.

I'd be real interested in knowing if anyone else can spot this same pattern on machines other than the one at Winstar.