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Started by nicoramone, November 28, 2012, 08:49:41 PM

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Hello kelly i am nicolas from argentina
Maybe you can help me, with some things.
I try to estimate the right revolution in this form.
i have 3 diamonds or 3 points on the wheel that i see( like the uwe method), and i see too the number zero and where is it at the moment that the dealer  shot the ball. Then i try to see at this 3 points when the ball cros zero number,and the relation with these 3 points, like for example the ball and zero at 12 o clock,,the next spins the ball and zero at 12 o clock, when in the next spin the ball and zero at 11 ,i have a desaceleration, so i wait the next revolution and at point 12 when comes the ball i see the number, and if a know thwe scatter then i can predict. for example scatter of 18 pockets,
At the moment of the shot number zero is at 12 o clock
1 spin, zero and ball at 12
2 spin zero and ball at 12
3 spin zero and ball at 11
4 spin i see the number under the ball when zero is at 12 o clock, for example number 10.
I adiccioned the scatter angle of 18 pockets to number 10 and my new prediction is number zero.
Can you correct me , if it is not a good form to predict, or can you recommend me other method to identify the right revolution?
Another important question is in the next game , same speed of wheel at the moment of the shot number zero was not at 12 o clock in this case, for  example now number 10 is at 12 o clock, to predict with the zero i have to addiccion this angle too?thanks you very much