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Bet 35 numbers on single zero roulette 20 x 20 roulette system

Started by Lustring, April 12, 2013, 09:13:10 AM

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Using high bank roll generate low profit and best numbers to pick for roulette 
On single roulette wheel , bet1 unit on  35 numbers and if win, you get 1 unit profit. 
I know you might say, it doesn't change house edge.  But in reality no strategy would.  This gives greater chance to win. If you bet 20 units on each number and leave 2 numbers in blank, then you win 20 units, it's pretty nitty, isn't it.
If you are on a bad day, lose 20*35 units, so just be it. Walk out 20 x 20 roulette system


So single zero roulette strategy on a 5 value chip table & at my local live dealer casino 100 (5 x 20 chips [1 x 100 chip]) is the maximum limit on any number. So using your strategy you would risk an outlay 3,500 to win 100. 35 wins & nil losses then puts you in a nil loss situation as you are then risking the casinos money.

Stay at the casino for a day & play 1 table per spin & move to another table. Have a list of 2 unbet numbers randomly chosen at home to use in your play.
Alternatively stay at the same table & use your random picks. Afterall many posters mention that each spin is an independent random event.

1 win/play per day could net you 3.5k in 35 days.  5 wins/plays per day could net you 3.5k in a week.

It's high risk but if you have a high bank roll the chances of winning are high = 35/37 = 94.59% to win & 2/37 = 5.41% to lose.
I rarely see that type of bet at my local casino, I can't say if it's a winner or not?

Do you have that kind of bank roll?  If you're going to play the 35 numbers let the forum know how you go. Best of luck.


On single 0 roulette wheel.   If bet on 35 numbers.literly I think it's reverse the situation , let casino bet on you.  Which is casino betting on 2 numbers and getting 35 back.  The pay out for casino is 2/35, or 1/17.5 ratio. 
My plan is Beting 10 euro on 35 numbers.  5 bets per day.   Make 350 euro /week. 
I bet on airball roulette.   It shows 5 hot/cold numbers( in 500 spin) and 5 overdue numbers.  Which gives me advantage.    I believe cold numbers would be cold for a while.   


I found out this is incensivable. 
Rule number one : never bets anything you can't afford to lose.   
This is violate the rule.   
If you think A is the amount you can't lose. 
Then you can only earn fraction of A.  Which is wasting of time.   
More offen, the amount you can't afford to lose is the amount you want to win ( more or less )
Then you need 10X of A.  Then if u lose even once.  The psyco effect is catastrophic.   
Then , this is incensivable.   


Beware air ball. I think they are rigged. Do some home work on them. Look on the forums here & CC. Check the wheel maker site CAMMERGH .COM model 360 RRS & see how the player gets cheated with wheel speed control & air jets in the ball track. If 1 maker has it they'll all have it in some way?

I'd do some testing before you bet any money. Test on the air ball & also test on live dealer wheel. Note how many other players are at the auto wheel as this may affect the results on a rigged wheel?
I'll say here & now that if you play air ball & 35 numbers that 1 of your unbet blank numbers will be hit within 35 spins even if you bet 5 times over 7 visits. You may win sometimes but long term the rigged wheel will get you.

How about 1 bet on 5 dealer spun wheels ? That's about as random as you can get.  Also what's the difference between making 1 bet & walking to another table or waiting say 30 minutes between bets compared to coming back the next day ?  As it's often said by many on these forums, each spin is a random event (live dealer at least).

Casino betting is gambling. As such any money wagered is at risk of being lost to the casino. Your bank roll should be money surplus to your living costs. All too many players visit a casino with too small a bank roll. In so many cases I've seen where players could have won if they had more money to increase their progression. An extra job doing pizzas should give a few thousand for a bank roll after 6 months.  Losing small amounts adds up over time. One guy I met is a pensioner & he has lost $75,000 over the last 12 years. Other losers blow all their money. If they see you are winning they hit you for a cup of coffee or money to exit the carpark or a meal. Another guy I met said he'd lost 2 investment houses to the casino, $900,000 gone but still he's there playing for peanuts ?

Money Management (MM) on the forums is a must to study.

You are correct about the psyco effect. I went to my local casino some months ago to play on live dealer wheels & the double dozens. It was then I 1st met the pensioner guy. He'd as usual lost his too low $150 stake on double dozen flat betting & was looking a bit lost. I said you need a bigger bank why not stay at home for 10 weeks & come with $1,500 ? He looked at me like I was talking in a foreign language especially when I said you need to triple up to win.

Anyway he offered to place my chips so away we went.
In 2 hours I'd won $800 and this guy was shaking when placing x2 $110 bets & a $10 saver on zero. Later I gave him $300 & told him to triple up his next bet after a loss and write down his bets (MM). He couldn't/wouldn't & 40 minutes later he'd lost the lot. After he went home I played for  another 1 1/2 hours and won $400. $800 - $300 + $400 = $900, a nice amount to end the day.

I see the pensioner guy sometimes at the casino. He's still playing the same way & still losing as usual. I'm on a pension myself & I haven't been for a couple of months as I'm saving up a decent bank roll plus a few health issues have kept me home. Next month I'll return with a $5,000 stake. I'll be live dealer hit & run roulette betting on the even money chances .
As my progression only requires just over $1k I'll have 4 banks plus many hundreds over. 

For me the biggest challenge is self discipline. I go prepared as best I can (as I always have, except a fat bank roll) with bet sheets, a set plan & a decent bank roll to cover my progressions = MM.

P.S. A hint on spelling, next to post & preview is the useful tool - spell check. Your spelling of "incensivable" would have been corrected to read INCONCEIVABLE.


I programmed a bot to play 34 numbers on BetVoyager and and switching numbers every bet for 18 times flat betting. Lost most of the time, so then I programmed it to play the two numbers I wasn't betting on to see if that would change the results, same thing, lost.


Tough luck or something.   
First bet on 34 numbers , I lost.   
I should away with gambling though.   


Betvoyager is RNG computer roulette not airball or live dealer wheel. RNG is a rigged game so not much chance to win.


so Aus whats the two numbers we're going to leave out?


mr hammers back trying to breath life back into a 6 months dormant thread ?

For what it's worth I have a jar of 37 small coins numbered from 0 to 36. I just now randomly drew out 2 at a time & put each pair into another container so that I ended up with 18 paired numbers & 1 spare non paired coin.  This gave 18 non repeat pairs (of any single number).

So the two omitted number picks were :1. 4-34, 2. 18-27, 3. 20-33, 4. 1-32, 5. 30-36, 6. 6-13, 7. 16-29, 8. 9-31, 9. 28-35, 10. 11-23, 11. 0-17, 12. 14-15, 13.12-24, 14. 7-19, 15. 2-22, 16. 3-25, 17. 10-21, 18. 5-26.

8 was the unpaired number.

To further randomize the picks you could then pick coins 1 -18 representing each paired set & put those in the jar & draw them out & so rearrange the pick order.

Also a new paired 18 random pick could be made anytime they'd be needed.

Here's 18 consecutive spins from Party Casino Live dealer I was playing 10 days ago, starting from my 1st bet spin. I was playing even chance bets but lets see how the ommitted pairs would have gone ?

1. 15B W, 2. 17B W, 3. 11B W, 4. 30R W, 5. 21R W, 6. 15B W, 7. 8B W, 8. 10B W, 9. 26B W, 10. 28B W, 11. 3R W, 12. 2B W, 13. 24B LOSS, 14. 32R W, 15. 29B W,

16. 4B W, 17. 15B W, 18. 3R W.

So we had 12 back to back wins  a loss at #13 & then another 5 wins for 17 wins & 1 loss. In unit terms that loss is 35 - 17 =  - 18 units net loss.

Played as a single higher stake bet (hit & run 1 bet per day) as 1st posted by Lustring, it may succeed ? As always it's risk vs reward. 

Played at Party Casino at 100 GBP x 35 numbers needs a BR of 3,500GBP. Party inside limits go to 250GBP per number. @ 100quid per day with nil losses it would need
35 winning days to equal the 3.5k BR. Bet every day with nil losses & you'd be 36,500 pa quid in profit. Even more if you upped the BR to 200 per number @ + 7k & 250 per number @ + 8.75k.

In a year the calc. shows up at + 76,000GBP with bet compounding using the casinos money. The options are endless, like say bet 5 x 100 bets per day @ once every hour gives 17,500 quid in 35 days (assuming nil losses). Also reduce the bet numbers a tad, say 33 numbers covered returns 300GBP for 100 bet per number.

300 quid per day beats working.


Mr hammer is quite Happy playing along with granp's way even on the supposed rigged rng.
But what still works best is playing the field, have ten spins, then with progression play the numbers off, till say only 6 left,makes me money,has to or its back to laying bricks.