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Started by zenfiro, June 14, 2013, 05:16:31 AM

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Sorry for repost if it is already here, but I'd like to ask. What is your experience with live roulette casinos online? Can I use some betting systems in it without being banned from playing again? Thank you for your suggestions and tips.


Zen - This question comes up often. There's plenty of info on VLS here. Just scroll down on the home page to find the Thread header LIVE ROULETTE CASINOS.

Also on sister site CC Forum again on home page scroll down to Commom Interest Section & look at ON LINE GAMING.

The 1st thing to check for yourself is that if your country allows money transfers to whatever casino you choose to play.

All casinos will have a list of countries that they don't deal with. For example USA players are blocked from playing from most International casinos.

I assume you mean Live dealer spun roulette as many also have airball/auto spin roulette that's also advertised as live play.

For the average player casinos would not even know you are playing a system. As a player you would just be one of hundreds/thousands of gamblers.

All casinos have records of every bet. They could check your play when you cash out but if they did eventually ban you by then you'd have heaps of profit.
With multiple casinos available you just "change horses" or milk each cow a little & so fly under the radar.

Your biggest challenge, as is every player, is to beat the casino % advantage.

Bonus money should not be accepted as you have too many hoops to jump through to get a win. Read their terms & cond. T & Cs where you have to play/win x35 or more of the deposit as well they restrict the bet cover to make it much harder to win.

I have accounts at 2 casinos that have live dealer roulette. Party Casino & Smart Live Casino. They always pay up on any winnings & I haven't heard of any player being banned for smart betting wins ?

Any casino needs you to join up to play. They usually need ID before they will pay out any money. Again check their T & Cs.

For testing Smart Live Casino UK is a good place to start as they provide a section for fun play with free fun chips. It's linked to the same live dealer wheel that live bets are being made.

On line betting is changing all the time. Generally live roulette is a small part of casino play. What's not available this week may be on offer next week ?

Slots/poker machines are the main money spinner & so get most of the promo. Nearly all my promo. emails I get are for Slot games. 



"I have accounts at 2 casinos that have live dealer roulette. Party Casino & Smart Live Casino. They always pay up on any winnings & I haven't heard of any player being banned for smart betting wins ?"

Looks like that may not be the case.....



So there is potential chance I'll get banned or receiving no money. But it looks like a this happens only with BIG winnings, am I right? Or it depends on C & T's?
Thank you, guys.


Xman & Zen - The main reason I suggested Smart Live was they are a good site for testing. As to Casinomeister - One problem was with the payout refusal was because
the player had breached the dormant account rules. He probably would have been paid had he processed his withdrawal within a few months instead of 2 years later?

The other problem is of concern as to the length of delay time for a decision to be still pending? SL withheld the payment due to unusual patterns in the players betting ?

How that would come about is only guessing ? Perhaps they've detected some type of electronic "hacking"? It's 1 reported case. SL would pay out hundreds of thousands of withdrawals in a year. If they were cheating lots of players surely you would have lots of complaints all over the place ?

All I can say is that they have always paid me.

Where ever you play Zen I suggest you start with a modest amount & with a bit of luck/good play cash out all your money to test their integrity.
It's usually easy to redeposit.
Remember most casinos have ID rules. I always get that part out of the way as soon as I sign up. That done clears the way for any cash outs.

And Zen can you tell us your game plan ? Have you checked any of the live casino info. on CC & VLS yet ? What system are you going to play ?


I'm just curious, because I've never before play Live dealer roulette. I've played normal roulete where I was able won hundreds of € with many systems, which I've subsequently loss :/ (shame on me), but it was years ago on Bwin. As many players my plan is "Veni, vidi, vici" and I know it is not possible on those computer controled roulettes. Thats why I need as many information as possible about live dealer roulette before I start play. Thanks.




Vici-                         All Italian, yes ? I went to a translate site & got Veni = streaks - same as sets of spins ? eg RRRRRR OR Odd Odd Odd Odd Odd ?

                               Vidi - wait & see maybe for Veni ?

                               Vici - close to many - maybe results grouped together ?

Maybe you missed what I said about testing on SL Smart Live dealer roulette ?  It's free and you bet with FUN PLAY CHIPS on the same live wheel that real money players bet on. Everything is the same except the FUN CHIPS are not worth any real money. It's an excellent site to test your play.

SL is a slower game (about 2 minutes per spin but good if you have a lot of bets to make). Other casinos spins are a lot faster and the bet time window is smaller.
Many don't let you play for free if you only want to test. You'll get into the play ok but in a minute or two their software will cut you off.

I'm not pushing for you to play at Smart Live with your real money. You need to use the information on live dealer casinos here on VLS and CC too.
Then you can search for some casinos that you like, check them out and go from there. 

Also worth looking at are the MM = money management threads on the 2 forums. It all helps with a betting plan.
As you say years ago you won then lost hundreds of Euros. A big part of winning is learning self discipline so that you cash in at a profit rather than pump it back in and lose a lot.

The only real way to find out is to join up and pay to play. Don't risk a lot of money at 1st and then you won't suffer much if the casino kills you.

Always remember wherever you join up read & understand their C & Ts.    A/C  ID is a must at most places.             All the best.



Zen - Just a few other things on the Smart Live screen. They have a history of spins on screen there, A1 for testing - You can click on the prompt & get the last 185

You can also view bets placed by other players, some crazy - like betting on all 37 numbers = 1 loss every bet.?

It's also on UK Sky channel TV where some players bet via telephone - The main reason for the 2 minute spin window.


Ok, thanks for tips. I've already signed up. Now I can test systems for fun :). Thanks again.