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Worlds Most Sanitary Restaurant
June 30, 2013, 11:19:00 PM
A couple of Tourists, who were nervous about eating in a foreign country,
were relieved when they came across an establishment that advertised itself as:-
"The Worlds Most Sanitary Restaurant".

When they entered, a waiter unsealed a sterilised envelope and handed them each,
a brand new menu, with a pair of surgical tongs.
Then he bought them a steaming container of freshly boiled water,
and proceeded to lay their place setting with surgically clean cutlery - again using the tongs.

As the meal progressed, it was easy to understand why the restaurant was billed as
"The Worlds Most Sanitary"
- the waiter used the tongs to perform every part of their service.

However, they couldn't avoid noticing that the waiter also had a piece of string hanging out of his fly,
and when the bill presented, the husband asked him, about this.
The waiter was happy to explain, that the piece of string was tied to his penis,
so that whenever he needed to relieve himself, he could extract it without the need
for manual contact........ which was all part of the restaurant's sanitary policy.

They settled the bill, and when the waiter returned with the husbands bank card,
presented in the same scrupulously clean way, as everything else, the husband took it and asked.
"By the way, There's one thing that puzzles me.
If U use the string in order to relieve yourself,
how do u put your penis back when you've finished?"

"I use the Tongs Sir" the waiter replied.