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Newbie , I need help understanding this! read on..

Started by TSpinz, July 23, 2013, 02:45:44 AM

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 What the heck does LW, HM Ls Hs or whatever, stand for?!


I was once a Newbie..............so I know how you feel. :scratch_ones_head:

LW usually refers to Loss/Win Analysis on a Project. U will see a lot of it mentioned-
    basically mean U have noted every Loss and Every Win associated with Ur intended bet.

HW....Hmmm U will have to show me where that is mentioned pls....


Hs...?? could be Highs of a method?

Show me the context and I will decipher for you. 8)

Just put "quote" code around the words/extract like this ......[quote] The extract goes here.....[/quote]