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Started by leroy, September 02, 2013, 02:33:14 PM

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The System incorporates three unique bets on the outside. Usually when you bet more than one outside position you are playing AGAINST yourself, meaning one bet cancels out the other and you can never really win in the long run. The System is different!

The way I played is to start out with $1 and $2 chips, then when my balanced reached +40 I switched to $4 chips. When I reached +90 I switched to $5 chips, +180, $10 chips. You get the idea...

When testing play as if you are using YOUR money. It isn't a real test if you go to Dublin, get a $500 play-for-fun balance and bet with $25 chips. When you test a system it is best to bet as if you where using your own cash, that way when you do play with real money you know what to expect.

Bet 1 - Columns

Start with 1 chip on Column 1 and 1 chip on Column 2.

Follow this Columns bet sequence.


The only time you should break the sequence is when you have 4 losing spins in a row. Always double your bet after 1 loss, then back to your original chip value regardless of a win or loss.

Bet 2 - Dozens

Before you place your first bet, you must wait for a hit within the 1st Dozen. Once it hits the 1st Dozen place a bet on the 2nd and 3rd Dozen. I suggest you repeat the same bet only two more consecutive times (3 total). Then just wait til the 1st Dozen hits again and repeat the process. On a loss (1st Dozen repeats) I suggest you DO NOT double your bet, just wait for another set up.

Bet 3 - High

Always bet on High (19-36).

My goal was to win $10 from the High bet. The progression formula is four bet amounts that comprise 40%, 20%, 20%, 20%. That equates to $4, $2, $2, $2

4 2 2 2

1st bet is $4 - on a win we scratch off the winning amount and then have

2 2 2

After a win you bet the first and last amounts (2+2=4). We win this bet as well and scratch off the winning amounts again and are let with


On a win again the session is over and we have our $10 profit.

What about when a loss occurs?

4 2 2 2

Our first bet is $4. On a loss we add 4 to the end of the line and bet the first number again.

4 2 2 2 4

Another loss and our line looks like

4 2 2 2 4 4

Remember on a loss we add the loss amount to the end of the line and only bet the first number.

On a win here our line looks like

2 2 2 4 4

After a win we always bet the first and last together (2+4=6)

On a win we scratch off the winning bets and our line looks like

2 2 4 and we bet first and last again.

If we had

2 2 2 4 4

and was betting after a win ($6) and lost our line would look like

2 2 2 4 4 6

Recap: after a win scratch off the winning amounts in your line a bet the total of the first and last numbers. after a loss, add the losing amount to the end of the line a bet the value of the first number only.

Want to win $20 on High?
8 4 4 4

Want to win $50 on High? (takes big bankroll)
20 10 10 10

Conclusion: Test these three unique bets separately until you are very familiar with each individually before you play them together. When playing this the High Bet is fixed but the Dozens and Columns bets are not, so at times I would increase the column bet and decrease the Dozen, or perhaps increase the Dozens and decrease the Columns. If you've played for a long time you will get a sense of when to go with the trend or against it.

Good Luck!


High = 19:36

(Not 21-34)


Modified Chrisbis, thanxs

Roulette is a fickle beast, sometimes everything clicks and your up $100 for the night then it can turn to crap. It's a wise man who sets a modest profit target, hits it, makes one more bet, and quits for the night. Up $50 or down $50 and quit, there's always tomorrow.