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Online Casino - honour win payment if you have screenshot ?

Started by sandgroper, November 01, 2013, 09:02:38 PM

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Do casinos have to honor win result if you can prove you had chips placed at time of No More Bets or at end when ball is landed via screenshots showing gameid and datetime etc ?

I'm having an issue on two instances where i placed chips and won, with video/screenshot evidence and I am unable to get win payment honored.
One instance i placed bets before ball release and show chips at time of nmb, results was win, and round was not cancelled but appears my bet was cancelled, refunded immediately.

Other instance - bets were placed before NMB, and were there at time of winning result, number shown and ball shown in video/screenshot, round was cancelled after win by operator bet refunded, but win not honored dealer indicated bet should be honored.

Any tips or ruling on what I can do hear to get win payments or just suck it up as online casino is dodgy, fortunately they aren't big wins but if they were I would be really pissed.



Sandgroper - The only thing that counts are the recorded bets. In the past I've been angry when wins have not been recorded due to on line fluctuations with the data links. You only need a very small "flicker" in your computer link & this can cause a few missed bets ?

I've come to learn there's no value in getting angry. Anger is an emotion & is not what you should have for the game. Anger & discipline don't mix.

My queries made with casino customer service say they can only pay on the recorded results. If you read any casinos term & conditions you should find that they are not responsible for any data errors causing bets to be not recorded. I've had instances where the bet, live spin dealer, has been noted on sceen as accepted then maybe 5 seconds later the ball is spun & before the ball drops a little notice comes on screen saying "bets not placed in time."

All too often the bet was a winner. However the bet was always auto refunded.

To answer your question about honouring non payouts on wins even if you have sceenshots that proves you made the bet, they won't/don't pay out because the bet is not valid unless internally recorded as a bet. At least you didn't lose when your disputed bets where refunded. Also they have more visual information than most players have to validate betting, probably even your bet screenshots. All they can do is refund if the bet shows as placed but fails to display as recorded. Only IT techs may pin point the "glitch" but casinos "ain't gunna" do that just for a few missing bets.

After all roulette is just 1 spoke in the wheel of most casinos. Slots are the main earner with large choices of games. With cards & roulette lesser choices.

Imagine the accounting software needed to service every game & player ? Some hours may have thousands of players across all games ?

Most casinos are tightly regulated & they maintain strict self made controls to regulate profits.

In your real play account they normally have a part where you can check your plays. Smart Live & Party Casino have it. The bets are all numbered, have the time listed usually GMT or similar & down to hours minutes & seconds. If you know the exact time of your bet then you can check if it's been logged. It would be unusual for it to be logged & not paid as then the amounts would not balance ?

The computer pgm will always ensure everything balances ? Any problems always come in the bet link area ? Your bet may "bounce" internally & not show as bets may display as closed & only show the spin result. It all depends on player peak load numbers & the casinos processing power.

As Adulay also asked, which casino are you talking about ? What country are you in ? What bank roll do you normally play with ? Do you ever visit a real casino & play live dealer.  Do you have to travel far to do that ?

For online play you must have a good computer that maintains a high data capacity. I used to have a mobile modem PC broadband internet service. At peak times the data/graphics would drop out. I've fixed that problem & it's so much better now.