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Holy Grail by Buffster

Started by leroy, December 09, 2013, 09:38:53 PM

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Quote from: TicTacToe on December 12, 2013, 09:42:40 PM
Everyone reading this thread ....would you mind stating your opinion on hand ...

Do you think the [HG by Buff] is using a progression...

All bets are at same level ( flat betting )

Locations are the only thing changing ... using probability and not progression.
TTT ( Buffster )

1. If you lose 5 in a row you are down 20 units. ( 4 Double Streets)
2. At 3 losses I'm  off this to ______.
3 Then off _______ and resume progression to HG by Buff.

1st Progression after 5 loses in a row is 8 units for 6 spins, another 48 Units.
2nd Progression is the split bets, then singles.

Progression means Increasing bet size and progressing down the losing path.
BUT, this system hits, and bets are removed. VERY seldom will you lose, you
have to learn the signs and make adjustments to go with the wheel.

3 Golden Rules

Rule #1 is play conservative with your money and aggressive
with the casinos. There are easier ways to win and use your
system from profit only.

It hits over and over again early on much more than it doesn't.

Rule #2 is do not bet against the streak, more than ?

Rule #3 is strict loss/profit stops, playing too long, in either direction, is not good. 


A nice system and works good but you must remember and be careful that the roulette wheel has no memory...     ;)


Could someone test this system on computer... example 10000 spins...


.Hi all
Where can I find the original post as mention ?

Many thanks and have a wonderful christmas


Merry Christmas Pedro,

I found it here,





Quote from: TicTacToe on December 24, 2013, 09:13:36 PM
Actually, I wrote this back in 2003. Here's the original post at GamblersGlen.


It is rather funny. In your original post from 2003 you wrote "Merry Christmas to all"! And:" P.S. Anybody wanting to say this strategy belongs to them and wants to sell it....KNOCK YOURSELF OUT". :haha: As far as I remember I saw a similar system some decades ago in a German book.
Comparing your original post with leroy┬┤s I have noticed a difference:
"If 2 adjoining streets are not available then  decompose that street into  single numbers and bet 1 unit on each" ((Buffster).
"and use a half bet on each number" (leroy).
A half bet? Surely that is not a progression.  And if you have chosen the minimum bet at the real table, you  would have to split the chip in two.  The casinos do not hand out saws or hammers. Happy Holidays!


  Hi Tictac,
      You ARE playing a progression!!  Look at it in a simplified form.

Bet 1 chip on double street 1-6   Payback 6 chips
Bet 1 chip on 2 streets 1-3 4-6   Payback 12 chips = 2 chips on DS
Bet 1 chip on 3 splits  1-4 2-5 3-6 Payback 18 chips  =3 chips on DS
Bet 1 chip on 6 Nos 1-2-3-4-5-6  Payback  36 chips  = 6 chips on DS
You can acheive the same result by INCREASING the bet on the DS.


       Regards       harry


potato patato

Merry Christmas



I don't know why you are contrary to admitting your Grail is a progression T.

If you lose the first 6 bets, 4 units each, you are down 24 units.

The next bet, on the streets, is an increase of 8 units per spin. Sure the unit
value never changes and the payout is higher than the Double Streets but it is
not enough to make a profit on the first or second hit. If your not in profit on
these in 6 more spins, removing any that hit, you will very likely hit the 35 unit
stop before, or shortly after moving to the splits it they don't hit right away.

Do I personally think this is a Holy Grail method of play? No.

After the following modifications I have never hit a 35 unit stop.

Holy Grail now? Perhaps. Ask me in 6 months when I quit my day job.

1. Wait til a dozen hits twice before betting.
2. Bet the other two dozens, 1 unit for 3 spins on the Double Streets.
3. Bet 1 unit on the streets for 4 spins.
4. Bet 1 unit on the splits for 3 spins, then move to the singles.

1. Remove bets as they hit.
2. Start over at a new high, unless it's only one unit.
3. Start over when you hit your stop loss.

This method of play breaks one of my three Golden Rules; never bet against a streak with a (semi) progression, and it kills me sometimes, but I only play it a couple times
a week. It works well enough to risk a little profit to have a different way to play
once or twice a week.

green meanie

Why do you call it the holy grail. It's crap. I lost my entire bank roll on it


I quite like this system. However, i have a suggestion.

Instead of waiting for a Dozen to hit (or repeat) - so we know which other Dozens to bet on -
simply look at the board and see what the dealer is spinning, and go by that.

Some dealers will spin two same Dozens constantly, while others may spin all the Dozens alternatively. In the first case, we will want to bet on the two Dozens hitting. Well, this is just so to avoid the chase of a sleeper Dozen. Also, pay attention when there is a dealer change.