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Live Dealer Games are not available to Australians on Winner Live

Started by nowun, January 10, 2014, 07:00:54 AM

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Just so everyone is aware Live Dealer games are not available to Australians on Winner Live Casino, I found out the hard way. 

You have to deposit with them before you find out.  Luckily I only deposited $20AU.


There are quite a few with similar situations, you dont find out until you sign up and deposit.  Some times even the help don't know. 

I have an account with Mansion and they rang me on my mobile trying to drum up business, when I told the op I dont play there anymore because they dont allow Australians to play on the live casinos he didn't believe me.  I had to insist he check before he eventually agreed.  Then I told him to remove my number from my account so they never to ring me again. Time will tell if they complied.