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Calculating bets increments on the american Roulette - please assist

Started by jrhelp007, February 28, 2014, 12:07:15 AM

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Hello all,

I'm betting 5 straight numbers on an American Roulette layout.

I need to be able to survive 40 spins.

Please assist by providing the bets amount that I have to apply for up to 40 spins. Thank you.



on euro wheel play 5 like this
starting with .20p units, only gives 27 spins thou. the betting shops set max payout at 500 a spin


Building a system around surviving spins is unlikely to work because you will still have that one rare occurrence that takes you back to square one


JR - As it's only 5 numbers it doesn't make much difference if it's a Euro wheel or a US wheel as the payout rate is exactly the same.

Being a US wheel your odds of a win are 5/38 = 13.16% & the loss odds being 86.84%. Any win is 35 - 4 = 31 units & obviously any loss is 5 units.

So to come out ahead you need to win at least once out of every 6 spins. 5 x 6 = 30, 5 x 7 = 35 & only breaks you even, if a win. The basic calc. ratio of win vs loss is 13.16 into 86.84 = 6.6 (rounded).

Surviving 40 spins means next to nothing, simply because of the variables of randomness. One session may see a run from heaven that sees you smiling all the way to the bank ? Then at another session the run from hell comes & suddenly your bust in double quick time.

Overall the odds are overwhelmingly against you.  Test it & Test it & Test & see whether the 5 bets would work ?

I would also do some more homework on here & VLS in MM money management & progressions.

Mr hammer on here gives you a suggested shallow ramp up progression based on the bet shop wheel limit. The progression you can use all hinges on your table limits. The progression is more relevant than surviving 40 spins. Another ploy can also be stop loss nil money betting at selected points along your progression line.

I think it would be worthwhile to look at alternatives to your 5 number bet. How about 5 splits covering 10 numbers, 7 splits covering 14 or 9 splits covering 18 ? A larger BR, get in make a quick reasonable profit & get out.   


Thank you all for your response. I'll review your comments.


Hello jr,

The progression for 5 numbers can go 40 steps.

I can only email you this progression as I cannot post the table in a reply box.

Give me an email and I can send the progression table to you.