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System to Docens. I call DIMC

Started by Sacci, March 21, 2014, 08:40:02 PM

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This is my first post. I read a lot of good ideas in this forum and I like to contribute.

This method is combine ideas from people from this forum and generate a so simple method. I don't use in a long term, but at the moment works fine.

This systems combine the law of third, repeaters number and sleepers in only one method.
1. You must wait 8 spins (this value can fluctuate between 8-12), depends of the risk and probabilities
2. This all 8 spins must be no repeaters numbers.
3. You must to bet in the lines (1-2-3, 4-5-6, ....) in which you have 2 numbers. If any line have 3 numbers you must take another 8 spins.
4. When you win a line and have profit you start a new session.
5. If you lose, and a new figure appears (two number in the same line), you must to bet in all lines with two numbers.
6. The progression depends of the number of lines and looses. (You can bet between 10-15 times) with a no high bankroll. You can put a stop loss between 50-80 units.
7. The objetive is won with only one hit.
In long term I had profits with this method, but is slow and need time
I think an evolution that I don't try yet to have a better profit, and I think It could be work.
8. When you lose a serie you have a profit for example of -60
9. I use a dalambert progression increase in 1 unit the bet, in this case the base unit is 2, when I have a profit of 60 (30 chips, because the unit is 2), I reduce the bet to 1, and I recover the bankroll.
10. If I have another bankroll during the recover, for example y recover 20 units (40) and lost another 60 (120). I have a profit of -140, I increase the unit a 3 value, when the value of -140 arrives to -60 I reduce the bet to 2 and so on.
This idea is increase the percent of profit with a little risk

Any suggestion, opinion, could be welcome.