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Simple system. Good returns.

Started by fxguy12, May 08, 2014, 01:14:15 PM

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Simple system here. Easier to look at the picture than explain. Just put the chips according to the picture and play over and over. No need to double up or anything fancy. You can use dollar chips and up. I use 5 dollar chips with a 100 dollar balance. You stop when you reach your goal. I am not greedy and 5-20 dollars is fine. Once I get my balance up I will bet more. But 10 dollars a day adds up. Check it out.


You forgot to attach the picture.



So your system is to play the same 30 numbers over and over?  Why did it take 200 years to discover that, you tell me.

I give up.



A nice easy way to play, why complicate things. I prefer to put a unit on red, if it's your day you will win.


Try it on BetVoyager No Zero...........


4000 spins from dublinbet.  :nono:




I can often win 5 units with 1 on odd, 1 on Red & 1 on the first dozen.
This only leaves 5 numbers uncovered.
Granted not all numbers win but I'm often out after a 1,3 ,5 7 or 9
Winnings fluctuate up and down but usually recover
Any losses are small and I play French Tables so if zero comes up I get 1 back.


This could be a grower providing the session is stopped after 5 spins or a loss.


I play it till something else turns up. It's fairly safe and when something profitable turns up it easily makes up for any loss made
See video where I play it until I bet on neighbours.



What a nice system you got here, please keep it up course you did a great job by providing this amazing money making roulette system,i strictly follow your rule and am not greedy $5 a day am ok.thanks