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Gambling in the future
June 30, 2014, 04:19:01 AM
It is my opinion that in the future (perhaps 70 years or so from now) there won't be any gambling whatsoever. Why? People will be attuning with themselves (their energies) and be able to control the outcome of their experienced realities, and that includes games involving luck.

It's all about energy. Those of you who have been gambling for years know about this. You've seen it happening all the time at the tables......with dealers, with gamblers, and so on.

Energy controls everything. The individual's energy is the main factor to the outcome of almost anything about his life. Any method of play plays only a small role to the outcome of a game. Well, and a person can have a great system, if he doesn't have confidence, or is not attuned with his energies, he will subconsciously not allow the system to work. But, of course, again, the method of play, or system, plays only a small role. In sort, it's just a way to keep the player focused while giving him a bit of a boost to his confidence.

And when we lose confidence, we lose focus, we lose control..........we're no longer in tune with our inner energies, which controls the many aspects of our experience, including that of gambling.

Some people are just lucky. Give them the shittiest system and they'll keep winning, and then tell you it's a great system. LOL! (and others will come and try to change their beliefs telling them that tests prove the contrary). But of course, it's not really luck. It's their individual energies. Maybe they believe in themselves. Maybe they don't believe in failure (that would show in other aspects of their lives). Whatever it is, there is something about them that allows them to be lucky. It's either their attitude, their beliefs (whether or not they're aware of some of them), or just a subconscious choice to experience being what we call 'lucky'.

I've personally seen someone using this energy to constantly win at roulette. It was the coolest thing ever. It was as if she was making it happen every sing spin. The cool part about it, is that she wasn't picking her numbers. She was asking the dealer to place the bets wherever he pleased. The other thing...........she tried not to make a big deal out of it when people commented to her, or congratulated her, about her constant luck.........she'd just change the conversation. I believe that lady was truly in tune with her self. Not that she was controlling anything; on the contrary..........she was allowing while in alignment with her inner energies.

For the most part, our attempt to "control" works against us, so I feel. That's the same with systems. Some may work, but in our natural human attempt to control the outcome, we create an opposite effect..........because it's not about control, but rather about allowing.

Can we allow? Do we know how to allow? We cannot unless we're in alignment with our Selves. Until we understand that it is never about CONTROL, we won't know how to let go so to allow the inner being, or self to do it's work without creating conflict and obstacles. When we are allowing, we are working in harmony, in agreement with our nature, with our essence, with Consciousness. We'll know what to do, where to go, which path to take and follow...........which numbers to pick, which sector of the wheel to play, when to take cards, when to raise bets, etc, etc........because we're attuned with the energies of the moment. When you are attuned, you are flowing, you are connected, you are in tune with your self, with reality, with creation itself. Thus you will move accordingly with the energies of the moment. If a storm is coming, you will know about it. If a good wave of energy is approaching, you will know about it. The same will be with gambling (call it intuition).

Have you noticed that when you're not attempting to control, when you are relaxed, you sometimes get feelings of what's coming next.......example, all of a sudden you might have a strong feeling for a number, and bet on it, and surely, this number will come up next.

Anyway, I do believe that as a whole, most of us will experience great changes in our consciousness for the years coming.............which will change many things about how we see and perceive things, and will, eventually, lead us to change the way we not only experience our realities, but how we create our realities.



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Re: Gambling in the future
July 01, 2014, 02:53:34 PM
Really interesting post!
Hope to see more of it in the future ;)