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VegasRed Warning !! (long wait for the payment of winning) Solved!!

Started by jhonson90, April 23, 2015, 04:52:52 AM

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Hello everyone, on 12/04 April I asked for the payment of a winning of 10,000 euro but to date the payment was not executed.
I talk to the chat many times, everyone tells me that there are no problems, but you must wait, why do not you know, for the contract should make payments within 3-5 working days, already after 9 working days and are unable give me a firm date by which the payment will be done and this is worrying, really did not think of having this kind of problems with VegasRed.
Will update you, Regards.


Hello to all, nothing has changed, the chat does not know what to say, of course the weekend does not make payments, so all postponed to the next week, wait is getting longer...


Ok, payment arrived today, 15 days of waiting, the important thing is that it got.