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Bet the same dozen

Started by Azymax, April 30, 2015, 01:21:46 AM

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Hi to All,

Don't know if these already have been on this forum, but it produce a good results.

Bet the same dozen after it repeats 2 or more times.

For example:

12 (1st dozen repeats)
20 (now starting our progression, bet on 1st dozen)
26 (bet again on 1st dozen)
10 (win)

Use this progression (or as you want):
1. 0.1
2. 0.2
3. 0.3
4. 0.4
5. 0.6
6. 0.9
7. 1.4
8. 2.1

Bet on the same dozen 4 times, then spin and wait again for any dozen repeats and bet again to these dozen 4 times (continue your progression)

Tested it on rng, works fine at first time.

Need more tests.