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Roulette system that works LONG TERM!

Started by Fillcom, May 02, 2015, 07:57:55 AM

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I don't understand why cant i post about my system... All of the systems i ever seen non of them work long term,and my does. How is it possible that you people are skeptical about my system and you go and buy some stupid stuff that doesn't even work.... I wold like some MODERATOR/ADMIN to please contact me or if its possible i would like to talk to the owner of VLSroulette

Best Regards Vanja.

Mr J

You can post it but if its SALES, put it in the Systems for sale section. If you are hinting how great the method is (without FULL details), it'll be gone. Also, even if you put it in the correct section, please be careful with regards to links etc., your thread may be gone.


Mr J