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NEW Ideas for The Holy Grail Roulette System
February 25, 2016, 11:36:44 PM
I've reinvented to be a forum focused on NEW ideas to beat roulette. Anyone can contribute, but it's mostly for:

* Experienced players who are looking for NEW approaches to win
* Players who are tired of the same losing systems that are re-packaged a different way
* Players who have an open but reasonable mind

To participate you should at least know the basics about roulette, like why the martingale loses. And you should be able to identify any new system that uses the same losing principles. Expect criticism about losing systems to be more abrupt, although still polite. If you can't handle honest and fair criticism, the forum wont be for you.

It is NOT intended for advantage play methods like Visual Ballistics, roulette computers, bias etc. You can still contribute ideas and thoughts about them. But the forum is more about things people probably havent tried before, or relatively new approaches. So it is like the "outside of the box" board at nolinks:// but the whole forum is dedicated to it. I haven't promoted it yet but will soon, so there will be new members there soon.

See the new forum at nolinks://


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Re: NEW Ideas for The Holy Grail Roulette System
February 26, 2016, 01:45:09 AM
Advice regarding a new forum.....this is for ANY new roulette forum. I've been doing this a long time guys, even if you have no interest in posting there, register with your current user name anyways (or close to it). Why? The trouble makers will register with YOUR current user name and post "problems" and people will actually think its YOU, when its not.

For you members who love choosing 25 different user names, ignore this post, it really doesn't apply to you.