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EC Progression required!!

Started by Bettingking, March 11, 2016, 12:42:40 PM

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I have a system in development.  I think the only thing that will stop its success is a successful progression system.
Well should win i think about 80%-90% of the time!
Any ideas on how to handle a EC progression where it will win once in about 12 spins (not using marty of course)?
It is only early days but has not lost once in 500 trials so far (online or casino)
It could win anywhere from spin 1 through to spin 12.  I have many in my head but can't quite complete the final piece to the puzzle!


Nathan Detroit

Use the Charles Guetting  positive progression. Excellent.

But to deflate your ego : Any  one  claiming   above  62 % in winning  returns  is either  is either  a  politician or a liar..

Happy Winnings.


Haha I agree :)
I'm an aussie I need to be optimistic it's in our nature.

Thanks for helping out.
I dont see myself as a beginner but perhaps intermediate player (whatever that means)

Sorry yes my ego is inflated at the moment (until it looses) :)
Yes throw in the zero within this system could be a challenge I need to consider.
Happy to share if I think it is viable.

Will keep you posted.

I understand completely what you mean and respect your views.

Thanks responding, you are one of the few I respect...

Nathan Detroit

I was just about to add that  when it pertains to EC  consider it a short  time play..   Those EC  do not have a long  life  when they begin to streak.

Better of with chops  or 2  in a row.

Don`t be intimidated  by the 0 . It is part of the game.


Nathan Detroit