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RL-4 First Post

Started by Sheridan44, April 03, 2016, 04:20:13 PM

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Thank you for the welcome to your community. This is my maiden post. I've followed the posts for awhile and have decided to stick my toe into the water. I've learned a lot so far, there are some smart people in here. I won't be offering any snake oil sure-fire systems to sell, or make wild promises about any information I post. I just want to share my contributions for the good of the community and interact with the people, while hopefully making some friends. I have no miracle systems, no system will survive a thousands or even hundreds of test spins as the laws of probability will work towards their balance. 

The first method I'd like to share is what I call the R-L4, which is an acronym for “Reverse The Last 4”. It's based on the premise of alternating and repeating decisions. A simple way to describe it is you bet the reverse outcome of each of the last 4 decisions. It's primarily used on the even-chance bets (odd-even, high-low, red-black). I prefer to use red-black as it is easier for me to track. If the roulette wheel has a video screen to display, it's far more obvious (and faster) to see the red-black displays, than to try to figure the odd-even and high-low results. I take a visual/mental snapshot of the last 4 decisions, and make up to 4 bets that the exact opposite will occur within the next 4 spins. For example, if the 4 preceding results were BRBR, I bet RBRB (in that order) over the next 4 spins. If I see BBBB, then I bet RRRR... etc. The logic is that the odds become steeper of an 8 decision repeat (4 prior, 4 current and future) with each result. Of course there is always the danger of the zeroes appearing, but this is the price we pay the casino for doing business. If the zero (or double zero) appear in the last 4 spins... I'll let them “cycle-out” before I resume betting, as they tend to make bet selections more complicated. As for the progression used, I prefer a limited (or closed) martingale. I know the word “martingale” creates horror images in some people's minds... but the martingale I speak of is limited to just 4 mildly progressing bets. I use a 1-3-7-14 unit progression, which is an outlay of only 25 units. I prefer a 10 unit win goal, braver souls may want to go for more, but I like to make quick strikes and quick exits to lessen my exposure to the house advantage “grind”. When I win at any point I end the progression and start a new one, once again using the last 4 decisions to guide my bet selection.

Obviously your units can be of any denomination to suit your tastes (and bankroll).

So, in a nutshell...

[1] Observe the last 4 decisions
[2] Bet the reverse of the previous 4 decisions, in order, over the next 4 spins
[3] Use a limited progression (I use 1-3-7-14)
[4] Set a reasonable win goal (I use 10 units), the loss limit is one full bet series of 25 units

I'm looking forward to a pleasurable time here, and I thank you all.


I might add that if you lose a bet series to a streak of repeat outcomes such as [RRRR], wait until the streak is broken, then you resume betting again. Example : [RRRR]RRB.....you may resume betting after the black (B) hits.


all systems fail and dip it is inevitable

the question is : are you ahead after you bust that 4 step progression? if the answer is yes, good work. in my book then it is a good betting strategy if the answer is yes

I can suggest maybe alternate

after a win on low/high, switch to odd/even, then red/black?

Nathan Detroit

RG, ,

This poster does NOT want advice  but wants to  GIVE advice.


Thanks for your reply Rich Bailey. I appreciate it.

My testing of this method is a work in progresss. I will provide the data I have so far....

Balance (Units)                   Description            Units (gain/loss)

          0                                   Start                                   0
         52                                  Series Winnings              +52
         27                                  Series Loss                      -25
         32                                  Series Winnings              +5
           7                                  Series Loss                      -25
          41                                 Series Winnings              +34
          16                                 Series Loss                      -25
          28                                 Series Winnings              +12
           -3                                 Series Loss                      -25
           52                                 Series Winnings             +55
           27                                 Series Loss                     -25
           37                                 Series Winnings            +10
           12                                 Series Loss                    -25
           25                                 Series Winnings            +13
             0                                 Series Loss                     -25
           29                                 Current                          +29

Included is a chart of the above. I don't have the luxury of testing software to analyze the data more rapidly. I'm basically doing it manually. Perhaps someone could tell me where I could find a “system tester”.

I am not married to any “system”, or bet selection method. I am open to any and all suggestions and ideas. This is one of the reasons I joined this community â€" to share (and receive) information, insights and to learn.

Your idea of using high/low and odd/even bets is interesting, and it seems they could be incorporated into a viable method. Thank you.

Best Regards....... Sheridan