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Predict ball drop zone selection for bet
April 05, 2016, 05:23:39 AM
Dear All

Just to share and discuss an effective way of predict ball drop zone on air ball machine

For example
Near the last draw number zone neighbour

Opposite the last number

12 number perfect triangle zone

Counter clock n number
Clockwise n number zone

Counter clock 90 degree
Clockwise 90 degree

The family zone , if open 26 and 32 then 0 is due to happen, the machine is try to hit the target it needed..

Please share
(1)Effective or common zone
(2)The base reference of this zone , should we use last number as reference point of last number -1 , last number-2 as reference point

I see all happen , especially the last number -1 is quit common

Or the sequence is on the 12 column bet layout not on the wheel bet sequence

Bear in mind , out of this zone . Some number is a killer number that machine can hit anytime it want to bypass any zone theory example 18, 16 , 34 , 30 maybe 14 . 2 .32

How do you think ?


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Some wheel at some time work

Some wheel at some time too random and no repeat zone either direct or indirect is difficult to catch the number

If you see last 50 number
Nothing sound familiar better keep your hand off of the day !


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The family zone , if open 26 and 32 then 0 is expected to happen, the machine is attempt to hit the objective it required..

It would be ideal if you share

(1)Effective or normal zone

(2)The base reference of this zone , should we utilize last number as reference purpose of last number - 1 , last number-2 as reference point

I witness all , particularly the last number - 1 is stopped normal

Or, on the other hand the grouping is on the 12 segment wager format not on the wheel wager arrangement


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