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A twist to the martingale (could someone test it for me)

Started by tacticalsquirrel, April 21, 2016, 05:35:12 PM

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We all know the martingale fails horribly against sticking only to one even bet. ex. I bet on a color, if the color comes up, i double up and stick to my current color. What if whenever the other color comes up, you double up and switch to the other color. Ex. say you have a bankroll of $70. The minimum is 10 cents per bet. Red comes up on the free spin, you bet on red. Red comes up again, keep betting on red till black or green comes up. If the 0 comes up, double up on red. If black comes up, double up on black. After betting on black, and red comes up, double up again on red etc. Has anyone ever seen 10+ spins come up where the colors alternate every time?