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Be rich with this new system!!!

Started by Alejo Ceballos, January 19, 2017, 10:48:36 PM

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Alejo Ceballos

Go to my site and be rich with my new roulette system than work:

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Alejo Ceballos

Just an example how it work:


Here the example:

Let spouse we have the following roulette secuence;

We have 6 last number but we have repeated numbers so the secuence not calificare

No we have:

Now we have the last 6 numbers all different numbers between them so now we can calificate for play.
Let's bet this 6 number by put one chip in each one. If win take others 6 different numbers for the last secuence. If lost take others 6 different numbers and bet it, but increase the bet one more unit because you have lost in the past secuence. If lost again take the last 6 different numbers and bet it by 3 unit in each one because we lost the last betting game. So everytime you lost increase one on bet and everytime you win decrease 6 on bet. You will always plays the last 6 numbers of the secuence. It will only calificate when it is different numbers between them. If not calificate put one cheapest chip on red and black and pass the ball until you see a calificate secuence. When it calificate you enter to the games.

Best greetings

ALEJO Ceballos alonso


Playing like this will NOT get you rich!  It will get you homeless sooner than later.


Alejo Ceballos

Try with 12 numers for the best results. Choose 12 numbers without repetition between them. The progression is: add 1 when you lost, subtract 2 when you win.


Alejo Ceballos

The big Australian mathematic Terence Tao (see Wikipedia) has demonstrated than in infinity secuence of primenumbers it is always possible to find a progression of primenumbers of any value with a equal separation.
In roulette you can get the same results in repetitions of numbers.
Best regard:

Alejo Ceballos