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System that people play on airball machines on two seats at the same time

Started by DR7, February 23, 2017, 02:55:37 AM

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Recently I saw few times at least two players who won big using two stations at the same time on roulette grand jeu. They play like putting 20 euro for example and betting like 30 numbers 30 cents each and on second station guy putted into machine like 50-70 euros and won big like walking away with around 2000. I've seen two people playing like that twice but it happens that they both were covering both screens so was not nearly possible to see what was going on on that table with big play, where he putted around 70. Anybody know what is that method called?

That reminds me about one "system" that I read about long long time ago. If anybody have a clue what was that system please let me know here or in the message.

Thanks for reading.