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BETFAIR - 11 times Number 18

Started by virgiliodinis, April 17, 2017, 11:38:29 AM

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As you can see,during BETFAIR Real bets, we have 11 times the 18 number. It's impossible play with crooks. I has lost 800.


And did you try to bet on number 18 to see what happens?
If I am witness of the same number coming 11 times in a row, I would win a lot of money. I would have bet 1 dollar on number 18. Then kept 31 dollars and bet another 5 dollars on number 18 then keep 170 dollars and bet another 10 dollars on number 18...
But yes, agree, if someone did that, chances that the number 18 would have stopped to come out. Most likely people were betting on a lot of numbers but not on the 18...
My advice, when you start losing, switch casino, your bad luck will disappear.
One day, I just connected to a live roulette. On the 8 last spins, the line 34-35-36 came out (5 times number 34, 2 times number 35 and one time number 36). I tried to bet on the line. Results: my bet was not confirmed and number 35 came out. Aaargh. I tried again, I lost: another number came. I tried again: bet not confirmed for the 2nd time and number 34 came out. I tried again and I lost again.... looks like I was so unlucky. I changed casino and won back my 2 dollars right away.