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The Golden 70s System
November 26, 2017, 06:02:57 PM
Hey guys, I am new to this Forum!
I am working on many different "systems" for many years already. But I think, time has come, to share some
ideas and of course seek for advise of the more experienced here.

The basic Idea of the "Golden 70s ", as I have named it,  is to chase hot sections of the wheel constantly adjusting.
Therefore I bet each number, plus the 2 neighbours each side, of the past 14 bets.
(e.g. one of the last numbers was 32 - so you bet on 26,0,32,15,19. And of course for the other 13 spins the same way)
This will give us a total of 70 units distributed all over the table.

Behind this bet, I had the Idea to keep it at 14 numbers, because if you hit a number with a  2 units bet (win of 72 units), you make a super tiny profit - but still profit, and if you hit a 1 unit bet number (win of 36 units) you lose less than half your bet of 70.

I have played this only short term, but It was very profitable as I won over 6000€ with it, and I ran away haha.

Now, reflecting the whole thing I can see that I was in a lucky streak that day, because on a graph it looks like a wave.

The problem I have now, since I only have the opportunity to get the last 500 results of a live casino, I would be very curious if this system would over all generate profit, or not. Although it is going up and down. And if so, what would be a good balance to cover these waves? (E.g. I have been playing it with 700 unit each one 10€)
Is there anyone who could test this over a long period time frame such as 10-12 hours or 1000-2000 coups?
Usually my systems sustain long term playing, and my sessions are usually somewhat between 5 and 15h. (Which I prefer when it comes to automated betting systems - I am working on)

Any Ideas, and tips much apprechiated.




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