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Okay , I wanna begin by saying I’m don’t intend to get rich with this system (wich isn’t mine) and I’m also not trying to get rich with it. I see a piece of music gear I want or want to upgrade my pc etc.
I take a double street and I use this progression.

I try to win 5 time and then I get the hell out of dodge. If I win depending on how I wager. 3 days you got yourself a fun little chunk to spend.
I know it will fail because it already has. Not to often.
This is just a fun simple system to treat yourself with after a long week of hard work.



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Yes, we all know it will fail.The problem is to control the losses.How often it doubles the bank (that is low = 39 units), and how often it fails (depleted bankroll).
Other is how do you select the line or double street to bet?
Any line, just random?
Static 1 only DS bet if random or changing the DS during the progression bet?
Or maybe using the law of the third to select it?
Think about it.


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